7 Benefits of Acupuncture and How to Find a Good One

Acupuncture treatment came from ancient Chinese culture about 6,000 BC, which believed that the human body is highly influenced by energy flow. This energy flow has particular pathways (energy points) that have the ability to control neurological, physiological and psychological issues.

Basically in this treatment, needles that are flexible and narrow, as thin as a hair, are inserted into the body on specific targets. It boosts the natural healing process, balances energy, manages the nervous system, enhances blood circulation etc. by unblocking the pathways of energy.

There are several things that cause resistance to energy such as an unhealthy diet, environmental pollution, stress and anxiety, poor lifestyle, hormonal disturbance, electric gadgets, lack of exercise and absence of meditation in our lives. In the UK, many people choose acupuncture rather than medical treatment to maintain their health. Acupuncture dover is getting very popular these days as the whole nation is admiring this ancient technique of Chinese ancestors.

 Here are 7 benefits of acupuncture;

  Stress Relief

Acupuncture works by balancing the body through energy. This is very beneficial for hormonal control and healthy energy flow throughout the body. Needles are inserted in a skilful manner that reduces the production of stress hormones, enhances the nervous system, improves mood by elevating positive hormones like dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin. These hormones cause a positive impact on psychological health.

  Helps in Reducing Pain

Needles are thin like hair so don’t feel painful, rather they help in reducing the pain caused by our hectic schedules, wrong postures and overuse of digital technology. Joint pain, headaches and muscle tension are treated with this treatment. It also helps in inflammation and severe pain after surgical treatments.

It is observed that acupuncture brings down the frequency and intensity rate of the pain by triggering the healing potential of the body.

  Enhances Immune System

Acupuncture contributes to the immune system to fight against diseases. It improves resistance against infection, increases white and red blood cells production and defences, boosts blood circulation, good for anti-stress hormones that affect our immune system badly.

  Works for Weight Loss

Being overweight is itself a disease and attracts more diseases like heart problems, blood pressure, joint issues and many more. Acupuncture helps in reducing weight by slowing down the process of metabolism, stopping water retention and balancing the stress hormones that cause weight gain.


  Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a disease of the modern age. Even children are not safe these days. The most concerning point is that you need to consume a high potency medicine to control your BP. Those medicines have many side effects. In such a scenario, acupuncture feels like a gift from God in managing BP. Some pathways (energy points) are targeted to insert needles carefully to control high blood pressure without having high doses of allopathic medicine.

  Clears Mental Fog

Acupuncture treatment stimulates the nervous system. As a result, biochemicals are released to improve the natural healing process. Mental stress and tension suppress the ability of brain cells to function well. This treatment releases the tension of brain cells and enhances its performance. Researchers have found that acupuncture improves memory and intelligence after regular treatment.

  Elevates Energy

An average person in this modern society is not healthy and physically fit. It is rare nowadays that a person is taking care of their health. Maintaining a natural lifestyle that includes healthy foods, regular exercise, meditation etc. seems very unique and extraordinary. As a consequence, today’s man is always tired, annoyed, frustrated and disappointed all the time.

People feel elevated and boosted after acupuncture treatment. Unhealthy habits cause a blockage in the flow of energy. This method unclogs the paths for energy to travel freely and efficiently. That is why people experience light and refreshing body that is able to attract positive energy and enhance mood.

How to Find a Good One

In the crowd of acupuncturists and care centres, it becomes difficult to find a good one that can be trusted and worthy. Moreover, minor negligence can turn the situation upside down so you have to be very careful while choosing the right one. Here are a few things to consider.

  Before picking up, research about credentials of acupuncturists.

  Get help from any doctor, credible source, reviews of clients etc. about the treatment method so no one can make you fool.

  You have to be comfortable for the treatment so consider the gender of your acupuncturist.

  Communication is the key. Select those who have strong communication skills so ambiguity can be avoided.

In today’s world, acupuncture is not limited to China only but is practised in the whole world. In the UK, there are many care centres providing expert acupuncturists. OsteopathiCare is one of these centres that provides acupuncture in Dover. They are worthy to be trusted and have served thousands of people for acupuncture treatment.

Bradley Cameron is one of the leading content writers at OsteopathiCare, UK. His vast prior experience provides evidence of his command over writing, specifically related to health. The discourse of his writing is usually thought-provoking and offers a great deal of health information.





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