How to Create Alia Bhatt’s No Makeup Look in 5 Easy Steps

When it comes to wedding makeup, she has set the bar high with alia bhatt’s no makeup look. She has set many trends through her fashion choices, but her wedding day makeup has shown that she’s also here to break stereotypes about bridal makeup. Puneet B Saini, Alia’s makeup artist, deserves all the praise and glory.

In Alia’s case, it appeared as if she hadn’t applied any makeup at all. Even though she’s known for her pared-down look, if you look closely you’ll notice she has neutral eyes, a fresh base and natural freckles. We’ve outlined the steps you need to follow to achieve Alia Bhatt’s natural-looking bridal makeup look in the video below.

Alia Bhatt’s No Makeup Look

1. Hydrating Base with Better Coverage

To achieve a no-makeup wedding look, start by focusing on your skin’s texture rather than covering your face in heavy makeup. For Alia’s dewy glow, you can use a hydrating facial oil and follow an effective skincare routine.

In order to conceal any redness or uneven skin tone, dab on a thin layer of dewy BB cream. Then, use a concealer to cover any dark circles and any active acne.

2. Fringes and Droopy Eyebrows, Please!

You can see Alia’s natural brows and even some freckles around her nose in her wedding makeup, despite the rest of the look being more muted.

Brush your brows into place, then fill in any sparse spots with a brow pencil. Finally, use a brown eye pencil to add faux freckles.

3. With a Hint of Blush on the Cheeks.

Alia’s cheekbones aren’t accentuated with harsh contours, but rather with a soft blush that’s seamlessly blended into her skin tone. You can achieve flushed cheeks by using a creamy formula blush and applying it above your cheekbone.

4. Instead of using False Eyelashes, opt for a quality Mascara.

When it comes to bridal makeup, wearing falsies for lashes is a given. But if you’re going for a more minimal look like Alia’s, ditch the heavy eyeshadow, thick liner, and eyelash extensions. A bronzy tone on the lids and a coat of mascara that lifts and lengthens the eyelashes are all you need for eyes.

5. Lips are a Little Hazy

Regardless of the lip colour you choose, blot and pat to achieve a natural-looking just bitten effect. To achieve this look, a lip stain or tint works well.






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