Corporate Catering In Mississauga

For your next corporate gathering, An ordinary platter of sandwiches and cookies might not suffice. Fit to Eat offers corporate catering services that are tasty and full service. We can cater to any event size, big or small, either formal or casual. Are you planning an event for ten people? Do you have 75 guests attending a corporate party? Fit To Eat can help you design the ideal catering menu to serve your company reception. Fit To Eat can help with all your catering requirements regardless of whether you’re an accounting firm of a medium size as well as a smaller law firm.


Hisnibbs Catering would like to assure customers that we follow all health and safety protocols imposed through Health Ontario. Ontario Ministry of Health and Public Health Ontario. We also have local and regional health authorities as well as Workplace Safety and Prevention Services. These laws could force us to change how we provide services, including personal protection apparatus, social separation, and temperature tests for employees—however, our standards for cleanliness, sanitation, and safe handling of food and hygiene. We want our customers to be confident that we’ll assist them in making your celebration memorable regardless of any restrictions imposed by these institutions.


We are looking forward to working with you soon. Be yourself safe

Are you planning to throw a birthday bash (Links to an external site.)? A wedding anniversary? Have a Get Together? Get Together? We cater to any event, large or small. High tea for 10? For 50, 40 birthday celebration? We can also design the perfect menu for 75 guests at a Fit To Eat summer BBQ. We can create a customized menu tailored to your requirements, budget, health, and taste because no two clients are alike.

Catering will offer full service and cook on-site. We also serve hot meals, along with all the side dishes, to your guests. Contact us now to begin the process!

Catering is fully authorized and insured through the ABC. They can provide cash bars or host bars at private parties. All glasses, liquor and mixers, and condiments, ice, and bartenders include.

It isn’t simple to prepare your daily meals. So let me help you ease the burden of cooking. There is a cook-day plan by my clients who are interested in my home-cooked meal preparation service. The cooking day consists of five days of healthy meals I cook for your family and you. First, I’ll go shopping and then come to your home to cook the meals. Finally, I’ll clean up and leave with a fully-stocked fridge and a neat kitchen when I’m doing. This service is perfect for busy couples, seniors as well as large families. Toronto and the GTA and Toronto have the entire cities to offer weekly meal preparation. Contact us to learn more.

The traditional dosas Indian Restaurants at Mississauga (Links to an external site.)They can be an excellent way to satisfy your palate. There are also traditional dosas like paneer onions as well as coriander as well as Mysore dosa. Chicken dosa for spring chicken plain with onions or omelet, tomato chicken dosa are all great options for those who consume non-vegetarian food. There is also Biryani or rice dosas. A Kerala-style Fried Rice is a great choice if you are a fan of Kerala food. It is an amazing mix of basmati and vegetables, rice.

Mississauga’s Indian restaurant also serves Chicken Biryani, a delicious dessert. What’s more romantic than giving your loved ones a steamed batch of basmati rice, cooked chicken, and mild fragrant spices? Get started today.

If you want to enjoy your time in Toronto, the most effective way is to visit the South Indian restaurant and eat different South Indian dishes. A genuine eatery like Dosa Restaurant in Toronto (Links to an external site.) is a great option to choose from various dosas served with Sambar or Chutney. Coconut chutney adds an energizing sweetness. The bowl of sambhar is an extremely thin lentil stew that includes a variety of healthy vegetables. It’ll provide you with the flavor of tangy, spicy.


As an added service to our catering for events and private dinner parties, we provide private bartending. For more details about our bartending services for private parties, Please fill out the form provided below.

A private chef can host your next dinner event! Professionally cooked multi-course meals and buffets for families with grazing boards, canape plates at your home. I’ll work with you to create the perfect plan for the dinner celebration. I can assist you with food shopping, food preparation, and clean up after the party. If you need me, I can serve as bartenders and servers for your celebration. We cater dinner events in Toronto and all over Southern Ontario. Contact us for a price quote!


GTA Caterer is a Toronto catering company that does corporate events, private dinners and lunch boxes. Creative menus and delicious food are our speciality! Owner and head chef Ivan Bodnar is committed to providing high quality meals and superior customer service to each of his clients, which is why GTA Caterer is one of the fastest growing Toronto catering companies.





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