2021: Email Marketing Trends To Stay Ahead Of The Game

2021 Email Marketing Trends

In the field of marketing, email marketing has made an amazing comeback. In some countries, businesses have yet not realized this fact. The increasing use of the digital space is inspiring businesses to respond to the advancing trends. 

In 2020, the pandemic outbreak led to various changes in the business environment and tactics. It reflected that plans can change. The situation is uncertain. You cannot effortlessly foresee what’s going to occur tomorrow. Hence, it is vital to keep trail of the developing and modern drifts and plan to get ahead.

Last year, the volume of sent emails increased by 7% as compared to 2019. Businesses went through modifications to deal with the perils and challenges. To reach out to their consumers and link with time, emails became a key passage. It helped in keeping people informed.

Not only for marketing but emails also support managing internal communication. Managers used emails to keep their employees informed about the working hours, project details, virtual events, and many more.

If we look at the first half of 2021, many email marketing trends have caught the attention. Many marketing agencies are offering newsletter writing and email writing services. They have the required expertise. Knowing the trends can help in making way towards success.

What is the Importance of Email Marketing?

In late 2019 and early 2020, it was rumored that email marketing is going to lose its position in the field of marketing. However, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the situation. As companies are using digital channels, email marketing has again gained a lot of attention.

In 2021, people are finding their inboxes full of emails. They are jam-packed. Hence, it has become more and more thought-provoking to stand out. Many companies are using different email marketing tools to stand out. It has helped in designing and managing email marketing campaigns.

E-commerce businesses need to reevaluate their email marketing strategies to keep growing.

Here are some trends on email marketing for 2021:

  • Creating Privacy-Friendly Emails

For the past few years, people have become increasingly concerned about their privacy. They have an idea of how their personal data is used.

Hence, it has become crucial for companies to pay consideration to PCI support and GDPR obedience. However, it should not be restricted to this. To build loyalty and trust, companies need to think beyond this.

Companies must focus on the following:

    • Reviewing data privacy laws.
    • Ensuring transparency for customers.
    • Highlight the ethical principles of the company.
    • Provide information on how the data is protected.
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence

The Industry 4.0 technology development has brought revolutionary changes in the market. During the pandemic, digitalization and automation gained more attention. Many businesses around the world are using Artificial Intelligence to integrate an effective email marketing strategy.

Some expert marketers are skeptical about this. However, it is found that advanced technology is helping in gathering more data. AI has provided more benefits with minimum effort. It supports content analysis, segmentation, and many more.

For email marketing, Artificial Intelligence makes it easier, faster, and better to send emails to prospective target customers. It optimizes the marketing campaigns. It can help in reaching broader horizons.

The cutting-edge technology facilitates in crafting appealing and catchy subject lines of emails. Artificial intelligence can help in managing the hyper-personalization of emails. It also improves retargeting. 

  • Personalization of Emails

The statistics reflect that around 121 emails are received by a person in a day. That’s a big number. If you have a business, you must know that individuals would only check the interesting ones. Hence, personalization has become an essential trend in 2021.

Using the personalized data can help in sending messages to the subscribers accordingly. Overall, it will create value and ensure that emails are viewed. Researchers claim that personalized emails have the potential to enhance click-through rates by 14%.

If a person receives 121 emails, you can expect that the other 120 contain generic content. In 2021, hyper-personalized messages have become essential. It not only enhances brand awareness and image but also influences customers.

Email personalization is pushing conversions. It’s worthwhile for businesses to take benefit of it. 

  • Interactive Emails

Marketers have always highlighted the relevance of interactive messages and marketing. It not only attracts customers but also leads to a higher level of engagement. As technology is advancing, incorporating interactive techniques has become easier.

In your email campaigns, interactive approaches can be integrated. Following strategies can be used:

  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • GIFs
  • Design mode options.
  • Gamification features.

It’s an emerging approach that can increase connectivity with customers. Gamification is based on integrating the gaming-style elements. It’s time-consuming but is crucial for success in this era. Interaction drives engagement. Offering free tickets and coupons can be offered.

More than 53% of marketers claim that interactive content is being used for decades in some capacity. However, in 2021, it reached new heights in the email marketing context. Around 81% of marketers believe that it’s more beneficial and influential as compared to static content. Interactive content can increase audience engagement by 66%.

  • User-Generated Content

User-generated content used for marketing is 9.8 times more impactful. It strongly influences the purchasing decisions of consumers and is identified as more beneficial than social media influencers. Do you understand what is meant by user-generated content?

It’s the content produced by customers where they display the products and brands. Most e-commerce brands are using the featured pictures of their customers. It has gained momentum in recent years. In 2021, it marked its way to an emerging email marketing trend.

Expert marketers suggest that the user-generated content must be strategically inserted into emails. You can cultivate your content by making it interactive. It’s also termed word-of-mouth marketing where users share their experience. It can lead to customer loyalty.

  • Send-Time Optimization

This is another trend that evolved in 2021. Marketers often face the question, when should the emails be sent out to customers? If you ask the experienced ones, they claim that there is no best time. Brands are required to experiment on their own.

In 2021, the business market has faced many changes and developments. It has encouraged advancement in email marketing optimization. Businesses are widely taking benefit of machine learning. It facilitates setting a send time based on the individual behavior of customers.

You need to look for a time when your customers are more likely to open their inboxes. Hitting on the right time has a greater influence. This decision depends on the trial-and-error process. The interaction of readers with emails in a day can help in managing send-time optimization.

Final Thoughts

By 2023, it is predicted that the use of emails will increase up to 4.3 billion. Business-to-Business marketers have realized that email newsletters drive leads. A number of marketers have denoted email marketing as the dinosaur of online marketing tactics.

If you compare it with the past, the email marketing strategy has evolved commendably. Your business needs to consider the emerging trends to take advantage of this tactic. It’s not all about integrating cutting-edge technology but also promotes the use of basic, plain, and simple content.

Using email marketing in the right way can boost your click-through rate and conversions. The overall sales can enhance. Some trends are more interesting than others. The failure to take advantage of email marketing can result in affecting your ability to connect with customers.

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