Meet Gelena Solano – Univision’s Star Correspondent

Have you ever wondered who brings you the latest news and celebrity interviews on Univision? Well, let us introduce you to Univision Star TV Correspondent Gelena Solano! She is the friendly face on your TV screen—asking all the essential questions and keeping us informed. What makes Gelena tick? Sharing stories and connecting with people. Now, let’s hear from this enterprising journalist. Let’s find out more about this talented journalist!

Birth, Parents, and Education

Gelena Solano was born on March 4, 1969, in the Dominican Republic. She’s 55 years old. She hasn’t shared much about her family, so we don’t know the names of her parents. But she had a great childhood filled with love and care.

She graduated in communications from Kean University in New Jersey.

Physical Appearance

Gelena Solano height is 5 feet and 6 inches. She has beautiful dark brown eyes and blonde hair, complementing her slim and curvy body figure. Gelena’s appearance is both attractive and captivating!

Beginning of Career

Gelena Solano started her broadcasting career at radio stations Noticias 1380 AM and Latino Mix 105.9FM. She worked hard, covering major events like “Premio Lo Nuestro,” “Premios Juventud,” and the “Latin Grammy” awards.

Gelena also reported from festivals, red carpets, and glamorous events.

Univision’s El Gordo y la Flaca

The turning point came when she became a correspondent for Univision’s popular show, “El Gordo y la Flaca.” Her work on the show made her a household name, and her social media following grew rapidly. Gelena’s dedication and talent helped her climb the ladder of success.


Gelena Solano, the popular TV show host and producer, has a happy married life. In 2015, Gelena Solano tied the knot with Steve Cutuli, an Italian-American contractor.

Gelena and Steve share a strong foundation. They constantly post pictures together on their social media handles, showing their love and support for each other.

Gelena feels grateful to have an “incredible and fun” husband who stands by her side with unwavering love. She does not have any children according to available records1

Social Media Presence

Instagram: Gelena Solano has an Instagram account @gelenasolanotv with 986 K followers. Her engaging posts showcase her life, work, and fashion sense.

Twitter: On Twitter, Gelena Solano goes by the handle @GelenaSolanoTV. She has 25.1K followers and actively shares updates, thoughts, and news related to her work.

TikTok: Gelena also has a TikTok account @gelenasolano with 20.6 K followers and 141.5 K likes.

Facebook: Gelena also has a Facebook profile with 377 K followers.She uses this platform to connect with her fans, sharing detailed posts and engaging in meaningful conversations with her followers.

Business Venture in Fashion Line

gelena solano fashion line
Image Source: Instagram

In addition to her roles in journalism and fashion, Gelena Solano has ventured into entrepreneurship. She owns a clothing line, which reflects her keen sense of style and fashion expertise.

Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident in the success of her brand, which appeals to a wide audience who admire her taste and fashion acumen.

On Instagram, Gelena Solano Style @gelenasolanostyle boasts an impressive following of over 65.4K followers.

As a shopping and retail account, it caters to women and canine enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of customized clothing items ranging from sneakers to denim jackets and shorts.

The handle serves as a hub for fashion inspiration, showcasing the brand’s latest collections and engaging with its audience through captivating visuals and style tips.

With its growing popularity on social media, Gelena Solano Style continues to captivate fashion-forward individuals seeking unique and personalized fashion pieces for themselves and their furry companions.

Gelena Solano Net Worth

gelena solano net worth
Image Source: Instagram

Gelena Solano net worth varies depending on different sources. As of now, her estimated net worth falls within the range of $800,000 to $900,000.

Gelena has worked hard in her career as a Dominican television show host and producer, gaining fame as a correspondent for Univision’s “El Gordo y la Flaca.” Her massive social media presence and dedication have contributed to her financial success!

Bottom Line

Gelena Solano is truly a star at Univision, bringing us close to the celebrities and stories we love. With her charming presence and hard work, she’s become a beloved figure on our screens. Whether she’s reporting from a red carpet or managing her fashion line, Gelena keeps inspiring and connecting with her audience.

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