5 Tips to Accelerate Your Job Search in 2022

The job market has changed drastically in the last few years. Especially if you’re seeking employment in one of the FAANG or top tech companies in 2022, some doors have closed for job seekers, but several new avenues have opened up in this candidate-driven market. Likely chances, you might already have optimized or done your resume review and submitted applications to your target companies. But are you approaching your job hunt the right way? ?

In this article, we’ll share the top 5 tips to accelerate your job search tips and help you take a step closer to your dream job! ?

1. Streamline your job search by targeting specific roles.

Before you start applying, it is crucial to narrow down your efforts to a few specific roles.  

A common mistake candidates make is applying to every other job they come across online. Applying to random jobs will not only take up more time in the process, but you’ll often find yourself interviewing for roles that may not be the best fit for you.

You must identify what specific roles you would like to target based on your skills and expertise and streamline your entire job search process around them.

2. Focus on your transferable skills.

Now is the right time if you’re looking to switch careers or industries. Even if you’re not, highlighting transferable skills in your resume and throughout the interview process can be a game-changer. 

In your previous jobs/initiatives, you might have performed many duties. But, which out of all of those have equipped you with skills that you can leverage to succeed in your target role? Those are the skills you want to highlight and focus on.

3. Build a meaningful network.

Building a professional network has become easier than ever in today’s digital age. If utilized the right way, platforms like LinkedIn can help you connect with professionals from your dream companies who would be willing to go above and beyond to help you fast-track your job search.

Complete your LinkedIn profile, optimize it to align with your target role, and send connection requests to recruiters, hiring managers, or employees who work at the companies you want to join.

Your network can help you in several ways – with a referral, putting you in touch with a recruiter/hiring manager, preparing for interviews, understanding the role/company better, or even introducing you to their network for new opportunities. The benefits of having good relationships in the professional industry are endless.

Bonus Tip: Worried about your connection request getting rejected on LinkedIn? Always add a personal note with your invitation stating who you are and why you would like to be added to their network. People are twice as likely to accept an invitation to connect when you include a note.

Need help building a STAR LinkedIn profile? FAANGPath mentors can help you with a LinkedIn makeover that would help improve your profile visibility.

4. Maintain a record of your job applications and network.

Most job seekers underestimate the importance of being organized during their job search. This results in not knowing which resume you submitted when you hear back from a company, not knowing who to request a referral from when you want to apply for a job, losing contact with important connections, or sometimes forgetting to follow up for an application. Trust us when we say this; such minor slips can cost you your dream offer! 

Maintain a record of all your documents and contacts in real-time. The moment you apply for a job, add the application details to an excel sheet with the version of your resume you’ve submitted. Add names of people adjacent to their company name in an excel sheet each time you build a new connection, so when you need a referral before applying, you know exactly who can help you. 

The pros of being organized aren’t only limited to your job application process. Your potential employers would notice such innate qualities in how you operate throughout the process. If done right, it could leave a significantly positive impact on how they perceive your candidature.

We’ve got free resources on our FAANGPath website to make such little things more manageable. Check them out here! 

5. Start preparing for interviews early on!

The golden mantra to cracking interviews is – practice, practice, practice! Especially if you’re targeting technical roles at FAANG or top tech companies, your practice will determine whether you land an offer after the interviews.

You don’t want to start preparing last minute after getting an interview confirmation and flunk your interview. Start preparing for interviews from the day you begin applying for roles. This will allow you a chance to upskill yourself and dedicate focused time to weak areas. 

Also, when you start preparing early on, you would get enough time to understand what interviewers would be looking for in your responses apart from just the correct solution. This may not necessarily be possible if you start preparing in the nick of time.


The job search process can get overwhelming. In order to make it smooth and manageable, cultivating such habits can help you navigate through them better. If you’re actively applying for jobs, and need guidance from an industry mentor, reach out to us now! 

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