Limit the Social Media and Screen Time of Children with Useful Tips

It’s incredible to see how the internet has penetrated all across the globe and bridging the gap between people, communities, nations, and more. Being digitally dependent has become a new norm these days to do several things on your own, do research, perform official work anywhere, learn online, social media, etc.

But this increase of digital notions has somehow impacted children to a great extent. Since the pandemic kids are much prone to online education and continuous access to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Additionally, kids spent much of their free time on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

If you want to limit the social activities of children at home, there is no better way to follow the useful tips mentioned along with investing in the parental control home Wi-Fi system.

Top 5 Tips to Maintain a Necessary Distance from Social Media and Limit the Screen Time of Children–

1. First Follow yourself to Set an Example

It is a genuine fact that children learn most things from their parents. And, there is no way today little kids know how to use smartphones and tablets best taught by parents themselves. However, it is the moral responsibility of parents as well to first limit their own screen time and spend well with kids. Being a parent, you first need to stay away from smart devices all the time, especially while working at home. Automatically, it will create an impact on kids to spend time with you and restrict access to the internet.

2. Indulge More in Physical Activity

It’s like physical activities like playing a game, doing a workout or anything outdoor have totally vanished after the increasing penetration of the internet. In a way, you are making kids independent of adopting new and innovative technologies. But over excessive usage of the internet and smart devices will restrict the physical great of kids. So, you need to take steps in doing some sort of physical activity with your kids to restrict social media time.

3. Maintaining Consistency

Make rules that you strictly follow. Concerning limiting kid’s access to social media accounts, you might have devised a physical and playing routine. But need to follow regularly. Any kind of break-in between and the glitch will again allow kids to access their accounts and once again stick to their computer or smartphone screen.

4. Talk to Your Kids

More specifically, have an open discussion with your little ones about the adverse effects of devoting maximum days to internet accessibility. Let them understand the relevance of physical well-being, family time, problem-solving skills, and outside activities to create a balance.

5. Get the Best Home Wi-Fi System with Parental Controls

Another best alternative is to get a parental control router to block social accounts for a scheduled time, put on automatic off functionality, and make other changes to restrict the activity. The idea is definitely to keep the limit of screen time and also to let kids stay away from the inappropriate set of content.

By simply browsing your router settings in a direction of first accessing the browser, enter the IP address, use the credentials, and then switch to internal settings. Once done, then customize the internet accessibility by blocking favorable social handles or a better way is putting a time limit. It could be especially when kids have to study, do dinner with the family, and during sleep time.

External Restrictions to Look Into–

In addition to setting a time and schedule, you can also enable parental control on specific sites like adult websites, violent content, or it could be anything that seems inappropriate for young minds.

The other way around is to pay the accessibility using the same way of browser settings and making the desired changes. All you have to do is set the timer on for the specific hours of usage with the help of a router as the best Wi-Fi router for multiple devices. Doing the same will help you pause the connection overall and resume automatically as per the set timing.


A router with parental control can create a well-balanced environment in the life of children to access appropriate content and stay away from the invaluable information. You can invest in such a router that connects multiple devices seamlessly at home. On top of that, follow other useful tips as well to create harmony between digital and physical life.

Bianca is an avid, smart, and knowledgeable writer who knows everything about Mesh Wi-Fi system, installation, configuration, and more.





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