Is Your Real Estate CRM Helpful For Your Channel Partners? It’s Time To #ThinkBeyondCRM

Today digitalization has taken over all major industries, including the Real Estate sector, which has implemented several CRM solutions available in the market. Real Estate CRM Software assists businesses in improving their game by providing digital sales experiences. 

The Real Estate CRM data is handy in the generation of leads, maximizing customer conversions, and automation of business and workflow processes. Thus, allowing agents to close more deals and reach more prospects.   

What is the role of Channel Partners in Real Estate?

Engaging with a Real Estate Channel Partner for consultation streamlines the tedious process of finding a property and expands client alternatives. After comprehensive diligence, customers can connect with Channel Partners and then decide to empower them to act as advisors by guiding them wisely.

Nowadays, Channel Partners have adopted technology to maintain a solid grip in Real Estate marketing. Customers pursue them because they provide more extensive options, greater offers & discounts, and unbiased consulting, which develops mutual trust, and confidence. This way, Channel Partners act as an extension of the company’s sales team.    

But the principal concern while working with Channel partners is that no matter how lucrative a deal is, they won’t invest their time, energy, and resources in making it happen if it is protracted. They expect a work ethic based on openness, priority, and clarity in all discussions with the realtors.

How generic CRMs are not enough to manage Channel Partners?

A generic CRM system might not be able to recognize the unique requirements of channel sales and marketing. It provides limited assistance to the Channel Partners in managing prospects, providing visibility to their partners, and maximize leads conversion. Generic CRM solutions do not directly address channel engagement, a multi-tiered approach including various activities ranging from partner recruiting and engagement to enablement and administration.

Therefore, it is time to think beyond CRM and look for an intuitive solution that makes it simple for realtors and their Channel Partners to capture, organize, track, chase, and close leads.  

Top 5 Channel Partner solutions to drive more sales- 

The Real Estate brands must look for solutions beyond the utilization of CRMs to provide Channel Partners with the necessary assistance, clarity, and confidence they need in a product and offer them end-to-end sales support. Here are some of the best Channel Partner solutions needed to be implemented for better sales and revenue-

1. Automatic signup for quick on-boarding-

Realtors should deploy automatic signup for Channel Partners on their online platforms, especially the website. It would prove to be a time-saving process and provide all those aspiring to be their Channel Partners a fair chance. If realtors keep using a manual registration process, their firm may appear lethargic and under-equipped to associate with Channel Partners.

2. Automate the information sharing process-

Real Estate companies should work in the direction of automating the information and data sharing methods like sending availability updates, project descriptions, price changes, new brochures, commission framework, etc., with the channel partners. They can utilize the online login to foster their affiliation with their partner. Seamless communication can be established between the two if their partner gets access to the most up-to-date information through their personalized login. It should be ensured that each member of the Channel Partner team has access to elementary sales data and info via direct login. 

3. Sales support through Channel Partner Management system-

The management system should assist the Channel Partners in generating quotations, study pricing, and checking property availability. These quotations are valuable in branding collaborations and leaving a lasting impact on the buyer. Real Estate agents can also rest assured that no one takes undue advantage of the product’s pricing flexibility and allocation. They should be able to control the rebate or incentive level on each deal dynamically and communicate it plainly to their Channel Partner. 

4. Automatic registration of Channel Partner leads and sales inquiries-

After the Channel Partner registers a deal, its progress should be tracked throughout the sales process automatically. Since Channel Partners earn only after the deal is closed, Real Estate companies should make the entire process smoother and convenient for them. Conversion of leads and deal-closing is possible only because of the mutual trust between the clients, realtors, and other affiliates. 

5. Conflict resolution on the go- 

Nothing beats the automated Channel Partner Management system based-approach when it comes to resolving disputes that typically develop when the Channel Partners demand revenue for the corresponding booking, credit for a sale closed by an internal agent, or at the start of registration. The partner executives and Real Estate sales management teams may simply spot conflicts and disagreements, examine causes, take actions, and interact with each other via the automated system in place.

Bottomline- is an integrated Real Estate CRM solution with a dedicated module that enables hassle-free collaboration with all your Channel Partners. Some of its top features that help to build trust with Channel Partners who further extend your business reach include-

1. Presales, sales, post-sales automation- 

It comes with a state-of-the-art cabling infrastructure for better pre-sales and real-time sales monitoring features during the sales process. For post-sales, it helps teams to follow-up and close transactions effectively through features like cost sheet management, post-booking communication, payment reminders, etc. 

2.  Lead tracking and attribution-

The CRM helps to set up funnel-attribution workflows in the system so leads get secured, tracked, and attributed to the right source without any conflicts. 

3. Real-time inventory access-

The CRM helps to provide real-time inventory access to Channel Partners with complete control over the choice to restrict the inventory visibility to certain partners. 

4. Seamless online collaboration- 

The collaboration software offers a personalized dashboard to see inventory and meetings-related information in real-time.

5. Complete virtual site visit scheduling-

The CRM allows Channel Partners to plan site visits for clients directly from the system, providing open meeting slots and sales availability. It ensures better customer service and preparation for deals.

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