Surprising Reasons Behind Bad Breath

Bad breath, or halitosis, is not always so simple to recognize. In fact, you can be the last person to notice how bad your breath is. However, 1 in 4 persons is said to experience the negative impacts of bad breath. If you already receive routine dental cleanings and practice consistent at-home oral hygiene, it’s time to consider some less obvious causes of bad breath and how to improve your at-home oral hygiene regimen.

Disclaimer: This article contains known facts and nothing else. It doesn’t offer medical facts to patients just suggestions based on known and informed remedies. So we would suggest you search for a halitosis doctor near me to get medical help.

Dental Appliances and Dentures

Food particles can more easily become lodged when you wear dentures or other dental equipment. As was already said, sticky food encourages the growth of oral bacteria, which releases a foul odour. Additionally, it is more challenging to floss and brush with dentures.

When wearing braces or dentures, specialized toothbrushes like Clinsodent Brush and interdental brushes like ThermosealProxa are excellent cleaning instruments. You can also clean your dentures and get rid of the bacteria that gives them an odor by utilizing denture cleaners like Clinsodent Powder and Clinsodent Tablet.

Systemic Cause

Despite being rare, systemic conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, untreated lung infections, recurrent colds, gastroesophageal reflux syndrome, ketoacidosis, bronchiectasis, etc. can also produce halitosis or bad breath. Even with perfect oral hygiene, this type of halitosis will continue. Systemic causes of foul breath must be treated in order to eliminate the underlying illness.

Underlying Health Conditions

Your breath may change if you have a medical condition that affects how much saliva or acid your body generates. Take a gastrointestinal ulcer as an illustration. The bacteria that causes stomach ulcers and the associated symptom of bad breath is called Helicobacter pylori. The same holds true for some types of stomach cancer. Bad breath can also be caused by irregular stomach acid.

Stomach acid flows backward into the food pipe as a result of acid reflux. Your breathing is affected when stomach acids enter your esophagus. Diabetes and its treatments can change how your body stores and breaks down fat, which can cause halitosis. Your breath may smell due to other medical illnesses that affect the nose or throat, such as sinusitis, seasonal allergies, or a momentarily blocked nasal tube.

Build-Up On Your Tongue

All your life, people have stressed how crucial it is to brush your teeth, but few have mentioned the tongue. Even individuals who learned this guideline along the road might need to take additional steps to lessen foul breath. The accumulation of food and beverages on your tongue might foster the growth of bacteria. If brushing your tongue is no longer effective, try tongue scraping or seek professional assistance from a dentist.

Acid Reflux

Undigested food particles produce acids, and bile that has been regurgitated from the stomach returns to the esophagus. You feel a burning sensation in your neck and chest as a result. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is what this is known as (GERD).

As the acids frequently migrate back to their mouths, people with GERD are extremely susceptible to developing foul breath. In such situations, the acid damages their throat and damages the structure of their mouth. Now, oral bacteria profit from this condition and cause bad breath.


In the human stomach, there are microbes referred to as Archaea. It is the only cause of weight gain. When compared to normal persons, the number of obese people has a higher presence of germs. For people who are overweight, Archeae releases a little amount of a unique gas (methane). It has no smell and smells unpleasant, which contributes to foul breath.

If you have a sinus, visit a doctor and then search for a halitosis treatment center near me to get it fixed. Leaving the problem for later can cause more dental and over health issues.

Infection of the Sinuses

There is typically not much mucus in our noses. The foreign particles in the air we breathe are absorbed by it. A lot of mucus collects on the back of your throat when you have a cold or sinus infection. It passes through the nasal passage after absorbing the germs that cause odour. This contributes to poor breath as well.

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