Reasons Why You Should Switch to Specialty Coffee

Life is too short for bad coffee. With the industry experimenting with flavors using different techniques, people are given various options to choose from. Thus, the world of specialty coffee has begun to be recognized. This is not just because of how it can be an alternative to your traditional, conventional coffees. This is also because of the finer and more savory qualities it provides. 

There’s more to specialty coffee than meets the eye. It offers valuable benefits and experiences to coffee lovers, giving them endless room for experiments. They can openly control how they would like their coffee to be done based on their preference—how much beans they would use, the taste, the consistency, and the like. This gives you all the right reasons to go for specialty coffee, savoring the taste and aroma it brings.

Some people ignore the fact that a cup of specialty coffee is more than just your typical cup of joe. They have much more value than what you may see on the outside. It goes through an intensive production process that involves a work of collective craftsmanship. From sourcing, roasting, brewing, up to serving you your actual cup on your table, it involves meticulous processes to ensure the quality coffee that you deserve.

With how the coffee industry is being recognized in this day and age, everyone, from the makers to the consumers, would always be willing to go the extra mile for their coffee. To be enlightened more on the reasons as to why you should make the switch from your traditional to the special one, continue reading.

Finer Coffee Quality

Specialty coffee is called special for a reason. From the initial harvesting process, roasting, grinding, and to the actual coffee preparation itself, it is ensured that it is meticulously done. And since a lot of people, especially coffee enthusiasts, are now prioritizing quality over price, you will understand why after tasting the difference. Specialty coffee highlights the flavor more than the caffeine content. This makes your cup of joe a higher quality than that provided by conventional coffee companies. 

With specialty coffee as well, it is guaranteed that they will provide that quality by sourcing only the best beans possible. These quality beans are then made into a higher grade of coffee through different brewing methods at hand—such as the pour-over coffee method. This is one of the best brewing procedures, ensuring that you will be enjoying the finer qualities of the coffee. It also draws out the key flavors and aromas it has. 

The coffee industry always pays attention to quality. And this is why specialty coffees are highly recommended to be included in your coffee journey. You will not just get a whiff of the aromatic, flavorful coffee. But you will also taste something exquisite, savoring it like no other with its rich flavor notes. 

Endless Room for Experimentation

The coffee beans used for specialty coffee go through several processes before you get to enjoy it in your cup. All these depend on how you manage each step of the process. And the better you get to control them, the easier it is to come up with a flawless coffee that you will surely love.

As someone who cannot go through the day without coffee, you already know what coffee taste suits your preference. You already know how you like your coffee to be done—how the beans are grounded, how bitter you want your coffee to taste, how dark you want your coffee to be, etc. Opting for specialty coffee allows you to experiment with the various coffee tastes available. Unlike the conventional coffee that only gives you a standard, instant taste. You can control how your coffee would be made.

Different things need to be meticulously considered when it comes to the process. This includes things like water temperatures, weights, timings, and the like. The different methods can become a great way for you to take full control of the process. These provide you with endless scope for experimentation. Also, these will enable you to gain maximum enjoyment from the specialty coffee you prefer.

Intensive Production Process

Given the unique quality taste of specialty coffee, the process is not as quick, simple, and easy as you think. Before you enjoy your cup of joe, it goes through an intensive production process. This is to give you the finest coffee you deserve. From the bean sourcing, roasting, to brewing—all are done meticulously. Though they are much more laborious and precise, you are guaranteed to be getting an excellently tasting coffee.

With the sourcing procedure, most coffee beans used for specialty coffee came from the farms themselves. Then, vendors and roasters directly make deals with the farmers. They can choose the best high-grade coffee beans available. Then through the process of roasting, you have different complex approaches and methods that can be done. These all depend on the type of bean you have sourced. It transforms them into various subtle flavored ones that people can enjoy like blueberries, milk chocolate, fruit, flowers, and many others while ensuring a balanced taste and optimal flavor.

Lastly, in the brewing phase of your specialty coffee, a huge difference between them and the conventional coffee readily available is evident. Creating a specialty coffee uses proper tools and equipment for a more precise brewing. They will ensure a quality coffee experience. This method varies however the customer prefers to have their coffees made.

The entire process takes a lot of work, goes through multiple people, to secure a flavorful and rich coffee. With an intensive production process, you will be given a coffee that you will constantly enjoy.

Key Takeaway

More and more people are now trying out specialty coffee and considered making the switch from conventional coffees. They are rapidly getting recognized especially by people who have been wanting a tastier and more flavorful coffee, because of its finer quality. It also has an endless room for experimentation in which you can make your coffee depending on your liking. Also, the reason for the excellent quality of specialty coffees is because it goes through an intensive production process. This makes it a ground for switching for a better coffee experience.

Mina Cruz
Mina Cruz
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