Summer Fashion: Kids Summer Dresses Tips

Summer is a hot season and a time for going out to the beach, parks, and vacation spots. During summer, people feel hot, hence they need to feel comfortable. To feel comfortable, they need to wear clothes that will make them feel cool and comfortable. Adults and kids alike need airy clothes for the summer. This article will focus on kids summer dresses because kids like to play outside a lot. There are many summer dresses for kids to wear. When kids wear comfortable summer dresses, they enjoy the time they spend with their friends.

Simple Dresses for Girls

An example of simple dresses for girls is a flowy gown for little girls. A flowy summer gown does not have to be plain in style. It can be a gown that has attractive prints on the fabric that little girls love. It will also make her feel lovely when she plays with other kids.

Simple Dress Tips for Girls

It is normal for parents to want their kids to feel cool and comfortable during the summer seasons. The problem is that some parents find it difficult to balance comfort with style for their kids.

However, there is a simple solution to this problem.

First of all, think about the materials or fabric the dresses are made of. Fabrics play an important role in the texture and elasticity of a dress.

Next is the amount of layers the dress has. A multilayered dress is heavy and produces much heat because there are many fabrics underneath. This can feel suffocating and uncomfortable to wear during the summer season. Whereas, a single or simple layered dress is light in weight and comfortable to wear.

Then this is followed by style, colour, and pairing. What style and colour does your child like? Can you pair the summer dress with summer slippers and summer accessories?

A note of advice though, avoid black colour during summer. This is because black absorbs and radiates heat faster than other colours. This is a phenomenon called black body radiation.

Factors to consider when choosing Summer Dresses for kids

Breathable Fabrics are more suitable

As stated earlier, fabrics are important factors that determine the choice of dresses for kids. Breathable Fabrics are fabrics that allow air to circulate to the body. They are airy and light in weight, therefore the wearer can feel the cool breeze during summer. Hundred percent cotton and linens are examples of breathable fabrics. Hundred percent cotton is good for babies and toddlers because it doesn’t run against their skins nor cause rashes.

Dress children simply

Summer is not the time to bundle your kids with many clothes no matter how stylish the clothes are. The same goes for accessories during summer. Avoid heavy pieces of jewelry for girls because the pieces of jewelry may irritate or chafe their skins in the heat. Avoid heavy hairstyles and hair accessories for they add extra heat to the body.

Pick light-coloured dresses

Dark colours absorb heat, unlike light colours. When you wear dark clothes during summer, the heat from your body, the sun, and the dress add up. You don’t feel refreshed, you feel more heat, and this will affect your mood. The same goes for kids that wear dark clothes in summer. Pick dresses in yellow, blue, light green, and so on for your kids.

Examples of Stylish Baby Frocks

Below are examples of stylish baby frocks for girls.

A dungaree dress

A dungaree is a summer dress made of a hundred percent cotton. It looks comfortable and cool to wear. Cotton is used by cloth manufacturing companies to make summer clothes for kids. You can choose dungaree dresses in various vibrant colors for your child. Dungarees can be worn in the morning and the afternoon.

A Strap Dress

A strap dress is a gown that is sleeveless but has thin straps on the shoulders. Most strap dresses can be in plan form or printed form. Because strap dresses are sleeveless, they are the best choice during the hot season. This is because the arms and shoulders are exposed to air and this cools the body. If a girl is wearing a full sleeve dress, she will be fully covered. This prevents her from feeling the air around her and she will sweat more. Therefore, parents prefer to strap dresses for their girls.

You can choose a strap dress made of cotton because clothes made of cotton are airy. If you want a fashionable strap dress, select one that has flower prints, a skirt, and simple buttons. Strap dresses can be paired with summer slippers and summer hats.

V-Neck Dresses

V-Neck dresses have front and back necklines in V shapes. This will give room for air to flow around the neck and chest area. Most V-Neck dresses have short sleeves which make them perfect for summer. You can choose a V-Neck dress in blue colour and pair it with summer shoes.

Choose summer onesies for Babies

Onesies, bodysuits, rompers are ideal for babies in summer. These clothes make them look adorable, comfortable, and stylish. Select onesies that are made with light, airy fabrics that can soothe a baby’s body.

Mini Dresses

Mini dresses are little gowns that are below the knees or half-length. When kids wear mini dresses, their legs are exposed to the summer breeze. This cools them down and makes them feel comfortable. The kids are also able to move about freely.

General Summer Dresses Tips for kids

  • Don’t let your kids wear tight clothes. Airy and flowy dresses are better
  • Always have sunscreens appropriate for the kids at hand.
  • Use sunglasses that protect against ultraviolet rays for your kids when they want to play during summer.
  • During nap time for little kids, change their normal clothes to light pyjamas that feel cool to the skin.
  • Let the kids wear hats that are specially made for summer to protect them from the sun’s harsh glare.
  • Select clothes made from linens or cotton that allow air to flow to the body.
  • Pick night wears that give the kids comfort.
  • Beach wear should cover the necessary part of the children’s bodies. This will prevent undue exposure to harsh rays.
  • For baby girls, sleeveless dresses or strap dresses are good choices during summer.
  • Airy clothes are especially good for children between 1-3 during playtime.


Kids summer dresses do not need to be heavyweight. Let your kids enjoy the sun and play with friends in comfort. Protect them from the heat and the sun with the tips listed above.





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