5 Ways To Make Your Temporary Building Look & Feel Welcoming

Owning a real estate property is a dream of many. Whether it is a residential property or a commercial one, owning one is truly a great asset. However, it’s not a walk in a park to purchase a property. If it were, many people across the globe would be billionaires by now. Sadly, that’s not the case. It takes money, time, and influence to own real estate property. 

The good news is there are now modern ways of owning a property—temporarily. For most people, the term ‘temporary’ is an immediate red flag. You might think, why would someone want to own something temporarily? One reason is that it is cheaper, reliable, and flexible. Owning a temporary building is beneficial, especially for businesses. 

One of the industries that rely on temporary buildings is healthcare. They use temporary healthcare buildings to accommodate more patients and provide better services. You can also find schools in the U.K. that use temporary buildings as extra spaces. Indeed, they provide many advantages despite being coined temporary.

One of the things people think about temporary buildings is that their design is too uniform. They refuse to consider it due to this assumption. The truth is, you can turn your temporary building into a welcoming property. Here are five ways to make yours look and feel welcoming. 

1. Choose a wall colour and print that will match your preferred ambience.

In almost anything in life, colour matters. From marketing to design, colours play a very impactful role. Even the colour of clothes we wear could alter our aura, too. The same goes for the properties that we enter. A room’s colour could affect people’s mood immediately. 

With that, it’s necessary to choose a wall colour and print that matches the theme you want to emanate. Even though your temporary building’s structure is limited to a four-walled space, that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with your decor

If it is for a temporary healthcare building, you can settle for light tones and minimal prints to evoke a calming and professional atmosphere. On the other hand, if it is for retail shops and such, you can go for striking colours that can emanate a playful ambience. Your temporary building will immediately feel inviting after choosing the right colour and print. Start with colours and be smart about them.

2. Choose lighting that will complement your property’s colour.

Science tells us that the absence of light means darkness. Without light, no colours would exist at all. This scientific fact simply tells us that your colour will be useless if your lighting does not do its work. That’s why having a lighting system that will complement your interior’s colours is essential. 

If you have a lounge area, you might want to use warm light that sets the room into a town-done ambience. On the other hand, if it’s for a laboratory or health clinic, cool light would be more suitable. If your room has a light colour wall, warm light can make it look darker. On the other hand, using cool light will make it look more natural like the one you see in their catalogue.

If you’re looking into painting the room with dark colours, using warm light can tone them down. While if you want the colour to be as striking as it can be, cool light will do the trick. Colours may be critical in a property’s design. However, your choice of lighting has the same importance in its overall feel. 

3. Place an accent piece to elevate the room’s design.

Some people think that having an accent piece is just a waste of space in a room. But the truth is, accent pieces have the power to elevate a room instantly. Sometimes, you just need one good accent piece to turn your dull room into an animate one. 

Indeed, accent pieces are not for functionality. Their purpose is to add definition and character to a property. With that, it would be great if you could consider adding an accent piece to your temporary building. 

Let’s say you have a temporary healthcare building. In this case, you can look for accent pieces representing healthcare. It could be a heart sculpture or a human anatomy artwork. Whatever it is, it would be better if the accent piece could perfectly display the story or purpose of the property. 

4. Incorporate floor-to-ceiling window designs for a breathable atmosphere. 

Since most temporary buildings use modules, their window space can be limiting. However, many companies allow requests from clients. If you haven’t tried asking about this yet, take this as a sign to do so. If they are flexible with such requests, take the chance to incorporate floor-to-ceiling window designs. 

The great thing about windows is that they make a room feel lighter and breathable. Since the structure of most temporary buildings is similar and repetitive, people might feel cramped. A glass design in a room would help lessen this feeling and make the room look elegant as well. 

If glass windows are not allowed, you may opt for glass doors instead. Glass doors would make a room feel lighter, too. On top of that, it could also give an illusion that makes the room bigger than it is.

5. Install a reliable air conditioning system to make guests feel comfortable.

Lastly, you should install a reliable air conditioning system to make guests feel comfortable. Just because your building is temporary doesn’t mean its quality should be cheap. With that, you should make every person who comes in and out of your building feel happy.

You can do so by providing a reliable air conditioning system. It would be easy for people to assume that the building has poor ventilation because it’s just a temporary building. I bet you wouldn’t want people to perceive your property that way.

Remember, how you run and manage your property is more critical than its type. That means your temporary building can provide a better experience than any permanent property if you work on it. 

You’re in control of making your temporary building as welcoming as possible. 

Hopefully, these five suggestions will help make your temporary building feel welcoming. Remember, you’re in control of how people get to experience your building. It’s up to you to make it feel welcoming or not.

Bianca Banda
Bianca Banda
Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.





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