Tidy Tot’s all-in-one Design!

Tidy Tot is tremendously convenient for parents because of its all-in-one design. Your child is protected from food spills and dirt because the bib, tray, and coverall are all in one piece. The bib attached to the tray prevents food from falling onto your child’s lap or the floor. The coverall completely encloses and contains your infant by wrapping around their waist and fastening to the tray.

Easy to Clean: Tidy Tot is constructed from materials that are high-quality and wipe-clean, making cleanup after mealtime simple. The tray, bib, and coveralls only need to be cleaned with a damp cloth or rinsed under running water before they can be used again. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of washing soiled garments after each meal or eliminating difficult stains from traditional fabric bibs.

Flexible and adaptable: The Tidy Tot feeding system can be adapted to children of different ages and sizes. Because the tray is adjustable, it can be used on a tabletop or securely attached to a variety of high chairs. With adjustable sleeves and a rear clasp, the coverall ensures a secure fit for kids from six months to three years old.

Superior Convenience: You can get everything you require in one small bundle with Tidy Tot. Food cannot fall from the tray into your child’s lap or the floor since the bib is firmly fastened to it. With its practical design, you won’t need high chair mats, separate bibs, or messy adhesive strips. After each use, just clean the tray and bib, and you’re ready for the next meal.

Versatility and Portability: The all-in-one design of Tidy Tot provides not only extraordinary practicality but also exceptional versatility. It fits various high chair sizes snugly and securely thanks to its adjustable fastenings. Furthermore, families on the go will find it to be a great option due to its lightweight and small design. Anywhere and anytime, whether you’re eating at home, visiting friends, or going on a family outing, Tidy Tot makes the ideal mess-free mealtime companion.

How Tidy Tot Makes Meals Better

Tidy Tot reduces mess and stress for parents during mealtimes. The integrated design keeps even the messiest eaters in check, allowing you to enjoy the meal with your child without worrying about cleanup.

Encourages Independence: It encourages self-feeding abilities by giving your child a designated area where they can explore while playing with their food. They can practice scooping, grabbing, and self-feeding on the tray without worrying that food will fall over their lap or the floor. As infants learn to feed themselves, this independence helps them develop their physical abilities and self-confidence.

Saves effort and time: It eliminates the need for thorough clean up after each meal by keeping the waste limited. Parents can spend more time interacting with their children and less time cleaning highchairs and floors. In addition, it means fewer loads of laundry because the coverall shields your child’s clothing from spills and food stains.

Family Time: Take advantage of mealtimes to spend undisturbed time with your child. Your toddler can autonomously explore and enjoy their meals thanks to the secure fastenings on the Tidy Tot bib and tray. Knowing that Tidy Tot has your back allows you to concentrate on creating special moments and developing your ability to feed yourself.

Eating: Tidy Tot encourages your youngster to adopt healthy eating practices. By removing spills and food scraps, it lessens the mess that frequently deters young children from trying new foods. Your child may comfortably experiment with a range of flavors, textures, and colors in a cleaner and more pleasant dining environment, helping to develop a healthy connection with food.

How to Begin Using Tidy Tot

Assembly: Tidy Tot assembles easily and quickly. Simply clip the coverall to the tray, fasten the bib to the tray, and wrap the coverall over your child’s waist. Usage Tips: To prevent any spills or movement, ensure that the tray is securely attached to the highchair or tabletop. Put the food and utensils on the tray and let your youngster explore and eat in the enclosed area.

Cleaning: After meals, rinse the tray, bib, and coverall under running water or wipe them off with a wet cloth. Use a mild detergent to get rid of tough stains. Before storing the components for later use, let them air dry or wipe them dry Adapt for the Perfect Fit: Tidy Tot is made to fit a variety of high chair sizes. By changing the fastenings to fit your unique high chair measurements, you can ensure a snug and secure fit. This adaptability ensures a hassle-free experience and enables your child to eat in comfort.


It provides a revolutionary solution for parents looking to simplify mealtimes and reduce the stress and mess of feeding young children. Tidy Tot is a need for families with children because of its all-in-one design.





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