Twitter Commerce is Coming: What is it for and What’s New

There are a series of interesting news for those who decide to tackle the issues of online sales through social networks: I present Twitter Commerce. Here’s what you need to know to learn more about this important topic.

The reality is simple: selling on social networks is conquering the web. Today it is more and more common to buy through platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. This is why there is so much talk about Twitter Commerce.

This is not new, for some time now there has been talking of the possibility of buying products on Twitter and using this platform to make use of every single status update launched by the accounts.

The Topic Of This Post

  • First rumor on Twitter Commerce 
  • What is Twitter Commerce, definition
  • The link with Twitter Super Followers
  • What is Twitter Commerce?
  • When will Twitter Commerce arrive?
  • Twitter Trends In Us?

First Rumors on Twitter Commerce

In March 2021, the Techcrunch website anticipated the development of this social network of functionality useful for purchasing on Twitter.

With an innovative Twitter card setup, the company is exploring tweets that add a big “Shop” button and integrate product details directly into the tweet itself, including the product name, shop name, and product.

We are talking about a real different card format, to be integrated with an online sales service and with a series of attributes to encourage the purchase by followers. Today all this becomes clearer and the time for Twitter Commerce is approaching. Do you want to deepen the topic?

What is Twitter Commerce, Definition?

This is a service offered by Twitter to allow you to buy and sell from the platform. Users who follow an account enriched with this feature can buy products directly from tweets.

On the other side of the fence, however, some must make their efforts bear fruit. So social media managers can create an internet sales experience that uses the messages sent to monetize online.

This is a clear answer to services already present for some time such as Instagram Shopping, Facebook Shop, and product pins on Pinterest.

So, in a nutshell, we can say that Twitter Commerce represents the attempt – for now still in the test phase and not available extensively to all users – to allow this platform to enter the rich and varied world of online sales on social media. network.

The link with the Super Followers of Twitter

Another item already announced by TechCrunch himself and confirmed by Social Media Today: the presence of Twitter Commerce should be connected to that of the Super Follow accounts. What is it about?

This is an advanced version of your Twitter profile with a monthly subscription payment and a host of extra features.

The most important is to publish confidential and exclusive content. The idea is to turn Twitter into a kind of paid service for those looking for a superior content marketing job.

Creating Super Follows content is for anyone who appeals to their unique views and temperaments to Twitter to encourage public conversation, including everything that people like.

This, according to the official Twitter blog, is the key definition to describe the concept of Super Follow. This social network has decided to focus on the possibility of monetizing and making those who are subscribed to the service earn. Thus keeping up with the other realities that have been allowing social commerce for some time.

What is Twitter Commerce?

I have given a key definition of this Twitter service. Now let’s try to understand exactly what the new possibilities will be offered to online content creators. First, there is something new for users:

Purchase Section

The link, as you can also see from the example, is located in the sidebar. This area allows you to summarize all purchases made on Twitter.

However, the novelty mainly concerns the possibility of creating a new content marketing experience for product sheets on Twitter.

In addition to the classic tweets, if you accept the functions of Twitter Commerce you can propose a series of publications that should help you monetize.

Shop Module

Twitter recently introduced an unofficial and hidden feature from the general public: The Shop Module. That is a carousel of product sheets that will allow brands to view and browse the sheets

All this is at the top of the profile. That is to say a sort of product-for-sale slideshow that appears when a user lands on a brand’s Twitter account. So it will be very easy to immediately get information on what and how to buy from a particular shop.

Product Sheets

Twitter also presented, reserved for a few lucky ones, a test to make an important contribution to social selling: the possibility of creating tweets with attributes similar to those of the e-commerce card.

How does it work? In practice, if you share the link of your shop, some features of a page dedicated to online insurance sales are taken.

For example, you have the cost of the product and a visible button with its call to action to invite the user to purchase on the internet.

When will Twitter Commerce Arrive?

For now, we are still awaiting news and updates. Often the evolution of the Twitter platform is slow (we are still waiting for the possibility to edit the tweets …) but we know that there is great interest in this topic, namely online sales.

Twitter must find a way to capitalize and monetize, it must become attractive not only for the paradigms of communication and journalism: but must also be a reference for those who do business.

And with an online sales universe moving towards increasing turnover (especially after the COVID-19 pandemic), getting on the social commerce bandwagon seems like a good idea for Twitter. Do you agree? Will we be able to enhance Twitter Commerce?

Twitter Trends In Us

These days, it seems like we can’t go online without coming across a new hashtag. We see them all the time on Twitter but sometimes the most overused hashtags are the best way to promote your brand. The use of these tags has become a cultural phenomenon. In this context, trends refer to the most frequently used and/or searched hashtags.

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