WordPress: The Best Web Development Platform For 2022

WordPress is a well-known PHP based platform developed by Matt Mullenweg, who released this CMS in May 2003. Initially, WordPress grew as a content publishing system, but with the passing years, it has been evolving as one of the most used web development platforms for more than a decade! Interesting right?

7 Reasons Why WordPress Will Be The Best Web Development Platform of 2022

Nowadays, custom WordPress development services are the most demanded by clients to make their brand stand out among the crowd. Due to the utmost flexibility offered by WordPress, it is predicted to be one of the most demanding web development platforms in 2022. Along with flexibility, the below-mentioned key reasons will also make this platform popular in the coming years.

1. Free & Open Source Software

WordPress is one of the free and open-source PHP-based systems that does not break your budget. The core WordPress software is 100% free to download and use for developing stunning websites and blogs.

Moreover, it also offers a set of free themes and plugins for different functionalities and features you want to implement in your website. However, many WordPress themes, plugins, and tools offer premium features; finding their best free alternatives is easy nowadays.

2. Boon For Beginners

Are you a beginner in the web development sphere? You don’t possess much technical knowledge to build a website? No worries at all! WordPress CMS is a kind of boon for those who have just kick-started their career as website developers.

WordPress is an easy to use CMS. No matter whether what level of coding skill you possess, WordPress will not discourage you from developing your very first website hassle-free. All the fundamental aspects required to create a WordPress website, whether creating pages and posts, adding categories, updating the current website setting, etc., are as easy as pie.

3. Pre-Designed Themes & Plugins

WordPress core is a complete package that lets you build powerful and robust websites and blogs. It has a vast library of pre-designed free themes and plugins using which you can make your website feature-rich. WordPress offers ‘N’ number of free themes, plugins, and tools; however, you can also buy some additional affordable tools in case of any further requirements which can’t be fulfilled through free tools or plugins.

4. Powerful Security Features

Security has become a crucial part of any online business entity in today’s era. People have started giving priority to their website security. No matter you are running a small business website, professional blog or a huge e-commerce website, you always want to protect them from threats/vulnerabilities.

WordPress core has been developed to shield your website or blog. Latest security updates are released time and again to cope up with the new security concerns. Additionally, there are lots of WordPress security plugins and tools available to easily protect your websites from security attacks.

5. SEO Friendly

Today, SEO has been a core part of digital marketing to rank your online entity on the first page of the search engine to generate more traffic and increase sales. It is of no use if your website is not ranking on any search engine, especially Google. This is why people tend to choose such CMS that allows to integrate SEO-friendly features in their website.

WordPress core has been optimized up to the mark to make any website SEO friendly. Its core feature boosts website speed and makes it mobile-friendly, which are the fundamental requisites of SEO friendly websites. Apart from that, you will find ‘N’ number of WordPress plugins developed explicitly for SEO purposes – For Eg: Yoast SEO.

6. Outstanding Support

WordPress has a highly active community of developers at all skill levels. However, WordPress is a very easy CMS; creating highly scalable WordPress websites with unique features is a big job! Obviously, lots of difficulties may arise during the WordPress website development phase, especially when you are a beginner.

At such time, you can easily find the answer to your queries using:

  • WordPress Support Forum
  • Online Tutorials and Classes
  • Support Forums Specific to Certain WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • WordPress Related Blogs, etc.

7. Fully Customizable

The major reason why people love WordPress is its fully customized nature. WordPress is a perfect platform for non-tech-savvy people. It offers thousands of free pre-designed themes using which one can develop a professional website without writing a single line of code.

Moreover, every theme comes with plenty of customizable functions that let you easily change colors, upload your business logo, design creative sliders, and many more. If you require additional functionalities in your WP site, pre-built WordPress plugins are handy tools! WordPress plugins let you make your website rich-featured and fully functional in just a few clicks.

Final Note:

Due to the user-friendly and developer-friendly environment, WordPress has always been the first choice of Web developers and clients to develop SEO-friendly and robust blogs and websites (specifically e-commerce).

So far, you might get an idea of how WordPress is a powerful platform for small, medium or large scale business websites and blogs. If you are also planning to have your business website, do get in touch with us today! We offer custom web design and development services to various business verticals as per their requisites.

Don’t hesitate to call us or drop us a message! You are a few steps away from your envisioned WordPress website.

Ethan Richardson is a custom passionate blogger. Currently, he is a freelance writer. He loves travelling and exploring new places. He also loves animals and nature.





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