Yoga Mat—Benefits & Tips To Buy The Right One

Every year International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21 June. Yoga is one of the most powerful and effective forms of exercise. From making you physically fit to boosting mental fitness, reducing stress, alleviating sleeping disorders and improving heart health, yoga can work wonders for your overall well-being. It can make you live longer and happier. All you need is a peaceful environment and the right yoga mat to perform your yoga mudras in the best way possible.

To make sure your yoga sessions yield desired results, you must have a proper yoga mat. Some people often perform yoga on a bedsheet, blanket or the floor. However, nothing can serve the purpose of a good yoga mat. The main purpose of the yoga mat is to prevent your body from touching the ground and save energy and heat from getting grounded. There is a lot more about yoga mats that you may not know.

This comprehensive guide discusses the benefits and tips to buy the right yoga mat.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Benefits Of Yoga Mats

The question may come to your mind what is the need for a yoga mat? Well, many prefer practising yoga on the floor. However, this is not a good idea. Well, you may work out or exercise directly on the floor. However, the same is not true in the case of yoga. To reap the benefits of yoga, you must have a proper mat.

Let’s find out its benefits

  • Prevents Injuries 

This is a no-brianer. While performing yoga on a hard floor, there are good chances that you may get physically hurt. For instance, you may slip and fall on the floor. This may result in serious injury. The best way to avoid any unfortunate incident is by using a proper yoga mat.

  • Highly Comfortable

highly comfortable yoga mat

Practising yoga on a yoga mat makes your sessions more comfortable. You are able to perform all yoga mudras with ease and comfort. Moreover, while stretching and holding postures on the floor, you might end up with sore muscles and body pain. Yoga mat comes with an adequate amount of padding that saves you from sore muscles and painful joints.

  • Promotes Hygiene 

Yoga mats promote hygiene. When practising yoga on the floor, you come in contact with a dirty floor on which a number of feet have walked. A yoga mat serves as a barrier between you and the floor. It helps you perform clean yoga without touching a dirty space.

  • Better Balance 

Yoga mats help you hold your body postures and maintain balance for a longer time. For instance, if you are doing a pose in which you have to rely on your shoulders on a wooden floor, you may lose your balance. Moreover, it might be challenging to hold that pose for a longer time.

However, yoga mats can help you maintain your pose and balance effectively.

  • Keeps You Warm 

One of the best benefits of yoga mats is that it keeps you warm. It might be difficult to perform yoga on floors during winter. However, with a mat, there is no direct contact with floors and it helps you retain your body heat.

To enjoy all the benefits of mats, it is important to buy the right one. Keep reading the blog to know various tips to buy a perfect mat.

Tips To Buy The Right Yoga Mat

right yoga mat

With so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right yoga mat. No worries. Herein, we have discussed a few factors that you should consider when buying a yoga mat.

  • Material

This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a yoga mat. Mats are available in different materials like

  • Cotton: Cost-effective option, washable and easy to carry.
  • Rubber: Eco-friendly, skin-friendly and slip-resistant.
  • Jute: Made of jute, economical but not durable option.
  • PVC: Cheap, lightweight but not eco-friendly.

Buy the one as per your preferences and requirements.

  • Thickness

Make sure to buy a thick mat to avoid any contact with the floor. Moreover, it also promotes comfort and ease. However, make sure not to buy a mat with a thickness of more than 1.5 inches else you will not enjoy your yoga sessions.

  • Texture

Make sure to choose the texture of the mat wisely. The texture must be coarse and rough else you may find it difficult to hold poses and maintain balance.

  • Weight

Last but not least. Make sure to consider the weight when buying a mat. If you travel a lot, buy a lightweight, compact and foldable mat so that you can carry it easily along with you. Even if you go to yoga classes daily, it makes sense to buy a foldable and lightweight mat.

Hopefully, now you know the importance of yoga mats and tips to buy the right product. For more useful information, stay connected with us.





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