Tips For Choosing the Best Beauty Hair Salon in Singapore

There is a thing called “beauty” that everyone wants to be and yet just like gardens, it requires regular maintenance and care that are best provided by professionals. While these professional hair salons can do wonders to enhance your beauty and boost your confidence, the myriad of salons out there has made it a thing of the challenge to choose the best one. To ensure you get the most out of your bucks with a salon that meets all your hair styling and treatment needs, 1gravity,  a Singapore-based  Hairdressing salon that prides itself in providing bespoke hair care services provides tips to follow when choosing your next beauty hair salon. Before delving in, check out 1 gravity reviews to see how happy clients have been transformed to advocate. With that said, follow these tips and avoid salon horror stories.

Ask for referral

Nothing beats word of mouth or personal recommendation. Ask your friends, neighbor, or co-workers whose hairstyles you admire on where they get it done and whether they like their services or not. While at it, consider if the person you are asking for as the same hair type as yours.

Conduct online research

We live in the age of the internet and every reputable hair salon should have a website and social media presence. These platforms speak volumes about their reputation, professionalism, and services. Plus, check out the ratings and customer testimonials as well to see how what previous clients have got to say about their services.

Narrow down your search to your needs

With so many beauty and hair salon in Singapore, sometimes, the best way to get the best jair salon is to filter through the noise. How can this be done? Choose according to your needs. First is to consider your hair type, If you have curly African American hair, you might want to go to a salon that specializes in that hair type. If you want a temporary killer red- shade, conduct your research and check out 1gravity reviews to see how previous clients rave about the look you desired.

Call the hair salon

If you discover one or two salons that you like, call them up to see their mannerisms on phone and how well they answer your questions. Ask if they deal with your hair type, they kind of treatments available, and any other important information you were not able to get on their websites.

Know your budget

Of course, you want to choose a salon you can visit regularly for your hair. This means you have to keep things within your means without breaking the bank. It’s ok to indulge once in a while, after all, it is your crown. You might as well considering the pricing of the services to see if it’s within your budget. However, do not compromise quality for the price.

Inspect the salon during your consultation

Consider going for a consultation to see if the salon will meet your needs, preferences, and taste. While on your first visit, examine how well you are being treated, see if the floor is neat and the countertops tidy, the type of facilities they use, and the quality of their hair treatments. These factors pinpoint how much they value hygiene, the qualifications, and experience of the professionals in the salon.  This will tell you if this salon can be considered as a “hit” or you might need to “switch”.

Whether it’s for scalp or hair treatment or styling, 1 gravity is your number one choice. Here are 1 gravity reviews as proof of how the company has provided customizable services to clients who are more than pleased to write their experiences. one of the keys to the company’s success over the years.





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