The Importance of Real-Time Control Tower Images for Project Logistics

When most people think of logistics, they probably think of things like shipping yards, cargo ships, and airline carriers. They don’t usually give much thought to what happens before those things get to their destination. Logistics, then, is about managing the resources you already have on hand. It also involves anticipating how those resources will be able to perform their duties.  You’ve got them and then using those tools to make sure your company’s assets are where they need to be when they’re needed. Here are some of the basic elements of good project logistics management.

Project Logistics Services

In the business world, project logistics services tend to fall into one of two general categories. They can be used for either moving heavy goods over long distances or for supplying raw materials to factories. See that overlap, however: while shipping and transporting are essential components of project logistics, they are also involved in just about every aspect of manufacturing, from planning out how the factory will build the products to shipping them off when finished, to providing the materials used in production.

Moving heavy goods over short distances can be a challenge for a few reasons. Sometimes the route needs to be modified because of weather conditions, land constraints, or other factors. Other times the resources that are used in the transportation aren’t adequate for the task at hand. In these cases, project logistics services come into play to determine what resources are available, how quickly they can be used, and how they can be used best to get the job done.

In the case of heavy goods, project logistics services every step of the way so the manufacturer doesn’t miss a beat as the product rolls off the assembly line. From coordinating shippers to loading and offloading truck drivers to getting the truck into the lot, project management services ensure each step is done precisely as it’s supposed to go down. If any action needs to be taken to improve the accuracy of the route or make for any other reason, those involved can do it as part of the management services and have the details reported to the manufacturer.

How to stay on top of the competition in freight shipping

In the case of freight shipping, a well-planned and executed action plan can make all the difference between success and failure. That’s why any company that wants to stay on top of the competition always has to keep up with the trends in shipping practices, as well as the political atmosphere that often affects them. With all the variables affecting the delivery of goods, there are many ways in which logistics can be improved. One way is by having a clearly defined action plan in place from the start. Every step in the process, starting with the analysis of the shipment itself, should be documented and analyzed to ensure that every detail is being followed appropriately, and all resources are available for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Another thing that can greatly affect project logistics is changes in law or regulation, which could greatly impact the route or even the logistics itself. There might be a law that says certain loads must be shipped in certain ways, or there might be a requirement for certain carriers at certain times. Either way, having someone on staff who is in charge of liaising with the relevant authorities, from both within the company and with clients, is absolutely necessary. Having a customs clearance officer on staff can also give the project logistics specialist contact information for government agencies and other bodies which might be able to provide better regulatory or licensing opportunities for the company.

Stages of the project logistics lifecycle

Every stage of the project logistics lifecycle requires some sort of contact with the customer, be it at the beginning, during the middle, or at the end. This means having appropriate project logistics contacts in place from the initial inquiries made throughout the lifecycle and continuing to follow up every step of the way. This can involve having a contact person in place to manage queries and concerns and having somebody who can handle correspondence from clients to the managing partner. Having people in place to deal with concerns and questions early on, and having somebody else to manage any issues or questions that arise after the cargo has been shipped, are essential elements of good project logistics.

project logistics
Some companies choose not to have a fixed contact person at the very beginning of their project logistics function because they feel this would be too difficult to set up and maintain. However, having a fixed contact person for logistics purposes can be extremely important, because logistics needs to be maintained round the clock. Using the internet, webcams, and other video technologies, project logistics specialists can monitor the status of their cargo round the clock. Containers are stocked at all times, and as soon as a container is empty, it must be replaced. Having real-time control tower images of your company’s Freight Shipping containers in operation can help ensure. You don’t run out of stock, or experience any technical problems with your containers because you weren’t keeping an eye on them all the time!

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