5 Efficient Ways To Correct Inappropriate Behaviour In Children

There are many approaches to correct bad behavior in kids. For example, you can check on age-appropriate progress, select your words wisely, lead by example, reward good behavior, and involve the entire family.

Does it make you want to shout in disappointment each time your kid gets difficult? Are you questioning your parenting abilities when your child behaves abominably at play dates while the other kids manage to sit around just like small angels? Worry not, for these are normal dilemmas that all parents face. Here are several ways to correct undesirable behavior in kids:

Examine Age-Appropriate  Behavior Development

When measuring your kid’s behavior, it isn’t really precise if you compare your kid to other kids. In fact, it is advisable if you graph your kid’s progress against set standards instead. Read more books on child education and then try to learn a bit more regarding child psychology, so that you will learn how to approach the behavioral problems you’re facing. For instance, it doesn’t make sense if you would address young kids the same way you would troubled teens. Most undesirable behaviors in kids are an effect of their failure to voice out their concerns, so they go to other ways to get some attention.

Choose Your Words Correctly

Jennifer ‘ the senior children’s behavioral writer at the best essay writing service blog says A good way to make sure that you get the message across will be to utilize age-appropriate language. When talking to your kids, steer away from using complex words and try to utilize the right tone, so that they’ll know what you’re trying to say. Use simple words like “Don’t do that” instead of “I forbid you from holding that.” At times, all it takes is a strict look, so test out different solutions. If you are a parent of more than one child, you might realize that different kids respond to various treatments differently. This is also true when they’re younger.

Behavior Guide by Example

It does not make sense if you halt your child from executing something, but you complement and do the same thing in front of them. In case you are trying to educate your kids never to litter, set a leading example. Your children imitate you, and their behavior is actually an extension of yours. Hence, if you’re trying to educate your kid to live right, you need to first start doing so yourself. This produces an atmosphere where your children learn to accept things the way they are simply because you have already set an example of good behavior from the beginning.

Praise Good Behavior

The most popular saying states that you should never bribe your kids for good behavior, but you could always reward them for great behavior. In case you’re going for a family party and your child behaves superbly, perhaps get him an ice cream cone on the way back and make sure to compliment him for behaving so well throughout the party. In this way, your kid learns to relate good behavior with good remarks and approval and will, therefore, aim to continue doing so. Kids are easily molded when they’re still young, hence starting all of these early.

Involve the Entire Family

Kids are clever when it comes to sensing who they can push the limitations and lines. Therefore, if you’d like to use correct discipline, you involve and discuss it with the rest of the family. All your efforts will be wasted if you are strict with your child, but granny allows him to have dessert before dinner. This way, your child learns that the boundaries can be pushed and modified depending on who is setting them, which isn’t best for them over time.

Taking care of children is a continuous activity, and it is only through real love that parents are able to form and shape the lives of their kids. Show them this, and you’ll be able to have a positive impact on your kids.

I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Psychology at the University of Ottawa. I earned a PhD in cognitive psychology from the University of Waterloo (2011). Prior to coming to the University of Ottawa, I worked as a Post-Doctoral Scholar at the University of Chicago (2011-2015), as a Senior Researcher at the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (2016-2017), Defense Scientist for the Canadian Department of National Defense (2017).





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