Cosmic Glow: Embarking On a Celestial Skincare Expedition 

The quest for beauty is one of humanity’s greatest pursuits. It’s also the reason behind the thriving cosmetic industry. Findings by Fortune Business Insights indicate that the global cosmetics market size stands at USD 393.75 billion in 2024 and is expected to hit USD 785.05 billion by 2032.  

But while the beauty industry is driven primarily by high-end skincare products, it’s possible to achieve glowing skin by following simple techniques. Here’s a guide to proven practices every beauty enthusiast should incorporate into their wellness routine. 

Choose and Use Your Moisturizers Wisely

Choose and Use Your Moisturizers Wisely
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Moisturizers are central to healthy, glowing skin. The only challenge for many is finding a product that best suits their skin type.  

First, establish the reputation of a moisturizer brand. Insist on cosmetic companies that enjoy impressive positive reviews from their past customers.  

More importantly, examine a moisturizer’s chief ingredients before purchasing it. Ensure the product is chockfull of hydrating compounds and free from potentially harmful chemicals.  

It’s also prudent to pick a moisturizer depending on your skin type and any skin problems you’re prone to. A powerful moisturizer for eczema may treat this annoying disease while also helping to lock in moisture in your skin.  

When applying, dampen your skin slightly, preferably with warm water.  

Next, gently rub the moisturizer into your skin in a circular motion, focusing on the face, cheeks, and forehead.  

You might also consider cleansing and exfoliating before applying your moisturizer.  

Stay Hydrated

There are dozens of effective moisturizers you can invest in to revitalize your skin. However, water remains the most reliable natural moisturizer.  

Water rehydrates and refreshes your skin, improving its elasticity. This may further reduce the signs of premature aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.  

Water is also involved in all cellular functions in the body. Those include processes directly benefiting the skin, such as sebum production and tissue regeneration.  

The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends drinking about 3.7 liters of fluids daily for men and 2.7 liters for women. The term “fluids” encompasses any rehydrating product, from plain water to smoothies, herbal teas, milk, etc. 

Mind Your Diet

High water intake and mindful dieting go hand in hand when discussing healthy skincare habits.  

First, incorporate more protein-rich foods into your plate.  

Certain types of protein, particularly collagen, form the building blocks for virtually all body tissues. They’re necessary for maintaining skin’s texture and elasticity.  

Another category of skin-friendly foods is those high in antioxidants. Such foods are necessary for preventing chronic skin diseases, including acne and melanomas.  

Nuts and seafood are exceptionally loaded with beneficial antioxidants.  

Get Adequate Sleep

Not many beauty enthusiasts appreciate the significance of a good night’s sleep. Unknown to them, sleep deprivation can reverse most gains earned in their cosmetic journey.  

Sleeplessness is associated with bags under the eyes and frequent breakouts.  

Not getting sufficient sleep may also throw your other physiological processes out of whack.  

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults aged 26 – 64 should get at least 7 – 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Teens and infants can sleep up to 12 and 16 hours per night.   


One of the worst mistakes you can make in your skincare routine is applying a moisturizer or makeup before exfoliating (or at least cleansing).  

Exfoliation helps unclog the pores by removing dead cells and excess sebum. This allows the therapeutic compounds in cosmetic products to penetrate deeper into the skin surface while minimizing breakouts.  

Long-term exfoliation may also stimulate collagen production.  

Remember that collagen is necessary to maintain glowing skin and reduce aging symptoms’ early onset. 

Timing Is Everything

Timing is key to the efficacy of any wellness regimen. Wrong timing can be counterproductive to your skincare goals.  

Ideally, most people follow a morning or evening skincare routine.  

If you’re a morning person, your regimen should include cleansing and exfoliation. This helps to clear excess oils that might have accumulated overnight. Applying a moisturizer and sunscreen is also part of a morning skincare routine.  

In the evening, consider mild cleansing before wearing a face mask. The face mask should be rich in skin-friendly antioxidants. 

Use a Sunscreen

We’ve just hinted at sunscreen being a staple of the morning skincare routine.  

Sunscreens are instrumental in guarding against harmful sun ultraviolet (UV) rays. Long-term exposure to UV rays could lead to skin cancer.  

Sunscreen is also a potent anti-aging compound. The cream helps to keep wrinkles, dark spots, and pigmentation at bay.  

Since sunscreen goes to one of the most sensitive areas of the skin, it’s important to research the ingredients carefully before applying it. Insist on hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic sunscreens to minimize any hypersensitive reactions. 

Minimize Hand-Face Contact

Our hands come into contact with numerous things throughout the day. These include dirt and germs.  

Whenever you touch your face, you inadvertently leave behind plenty of dirt and germs on your face.  

Dirt is bad enough, as it clogs your skin pores, increasing susceptibility to breakouts. But germs are even worse, as they can worsen an existing skin condition.  

If you can’t keep your hands from your face, hand-wash and sanitize regularly during the day.  

Take It Easy

If you’re new to skincare, the conventional wisdom is to begin small.  

Start with mild cleansers and exfoliators, carefully observing how your skin reacts to these products. Even if you don’t experience hypersensitive reactions, avoiding cosmetic products formulated with harsh chemicals is prudent.  

The principle of moderation is especially true when applying makeup. Resist the urge to dab more gloss or eyelash than you should.  

Not only might you end up looking like a clown. But too much makeup could also clog your skin pores. 

Let Go Of Stress

Stress and anxiety are a major impediment to glowing skin. The American Academy of Dermatology associates high-stress levels with unhealthy skin development.  

When anxious, your sebaceous glands go into overdrive, secreting excess sebum.  

Too much sebum on your skin surface increases acne, eczema, and psoriasis susceptibility. It also reduces the efficacy of other skincare products like moisturizers and toners.  

Stress may also accelerate the skin’s natural aging process. Besides, it’s a primary risk factor for insomnia. 

Final Word 

Following the above tips can help achieve long-lasting cosmetic results. It’s a way to transform your skin’s radiance without necessarily investing in exclusive skincare products.  

Remember that any skincare routine’s success depends on patience and self-discipline. So, once you identify a suitable regimen, follow it religiously. 





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