Choosing the Best Plants for Your Home – A Complete Guide

There are many types of plants you can use to ornate your house. However, different plants require different conditions. There are various categories you could choose from such as low-light and pet-friendly plants. Most of these are good for keeping indoors and outdoors both. 

Air purifying plants

  • Rubber plant

The rubber plant is one of the easiest plants to take care of. It can do great in bright, indirect sunlight with bare minimum water requirements. Just water the plant in a way that its soil remains moist. The plant also gives off very classy, simple, and minimalistic vibes. It originates from South Asia but is also found in Florida and many other countries. 

The plant goes by many names including rubber figs and rubber bush. You can get large-sized plants that have a shiny finish and enhance the whole look. The large size of the leaves allows them to absorb a greater amount of chemicals and toxins from the air around them. The best part about these is that they work in every condition, whether humid or not. You can buy an average-sized healthy rubber plant from Amazon

  • English ivy

People with conditions like asthma and allergies can feel sick by mold build up in their homes. It is rather difficult to treat mold in your home once it has crept into small and tight spots. However, air-purifying plants can actually help prevent this harmful issue. English ivy is a type of woody vines originating from Europe and Western Asia. This is also why they are known as “European ivy.” 

These plants are known for removing toxins such as mold, benzene, and formaldehyde. They are also known as the top 10 air purifying plants by NASA. You can find English ivy cuttings, seeds, and small-sized plants here. The common plant is also available at any plant shop or nursery near you. 

  • Peace lily

Some plants are great for your health, but then there is some plant that is perfect for house décor. The peace lily is one of those plants. It takes up less space due to its petite growth, and it also blooms beautiful white flowers. The flowering plant comes from 47 species of the monocotyledonous plant. They can grow as tall as  4 feet. They don’t thrive well in extremely cold conditions or extremely hot, making them ideal for moderate indoor temperature. 

Its white flowers look very much like typical lilies but are not the same. They are often described as cobra-headed flowers that look extremely beautiful. Plus, they are easy to take care of and they can successfully fight monoxide in the air. If they need water, their leaves “droop”, indicating that they need watering. The plant is not ideal if you have kids or pets in the house. 

Pet-friendly plants

  • Christmas cactus

Originating from Brazil, the Christmas cactus can be one of the best good-looking cacti to have in your home. It has beautiful pink flowers that bloom in cooler and lesser light conditions. These plants are non-toxic, but you have to make sure that your pets don’t chew on the leaves as they can disturb their stomach. 

  • Specific herbs 

It is not safe to have all types of herbs in your herb garden or on your window sill if you have pets at home. Whether cats or dogs, pets are always curious and can nibble on anything small they come across. However, there are a few kinds you can keep at home, including cilantro, basil, thyme, parsley, and sage. Lavender is also a safe herb to have at home, but avoid having a lot of it and try keeping it out of the pet’s reach. Oregano, cocoa, garlic, and mint are all dangerous for pets and can be toxic if a pet nibbles on them. 

  • Spider plant 

Spider plant goes by many names. The name “spider” comes from its shape and structure, as its leaves falling outlook like spider legs. The plant’s leaves have an incredibly elegant shape; they are slim, petite, and grow in length, making them fall over the pot’s height. They come in unique dark green and light green colors. 

Some other names of this plant are spider ivy, ribbon plant, and Chlorophytum comosum as the scientific name. This plant can tolerate all types of weather, soils, humidity levels and are also non-toxic to cats and dogs. 

Low-light plants

  • Dragon tree

Also known as Drago, the plant comes from a subtropical tree originating in western Morocco. They thrive best in semi-bright conditions, require water once a week, and do well in average room temperatures. 

For areas with mild winters and mild summers, where the scorching sun is not very frequent, the plant is great for keeping outdoors. Its low-maintenance nature makes it a favorite for most homeowners to keep in bedrooms and living areas. you can decorate your office desk and bedrooms with a medium-sized dragon plant.  

  • ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is commonly known by this name, but its actual name is Zanzibar gem. The plant originates from eastern Africa and is known for its capability to thrive in low light conditions. In fact, its leaves dry up in direct sunlight and thrive best in indirect sunlight or indoor lights such as office fluorescent lights. The plant is best for growing in small to medium-sized pots, with little water requirements. 

Air plants

In apartments and small-sized homes, people often do not have a lot of space to accommodate multiple plant pots. Moreover, cleaning these pots, the mess after watering them and the debris can be a lot of effort if you are not home around. However, air plants can be a great solution to this problem. They do not need soil and you can hang them in your balconies or window sills as well if you have limited space on the floor. These low-maintenance plants absorb water and nutrients from the air around them. You can find a great variety of air plants on online plant stores

Final thought

Make sure to select your plants by the structure of your home. Balconies and gardens, front patios, and backyards get direct sunlight. Meanwhile, window sills, living rooms, and office desks get indirect sunlight. Choose a plant according to the situation you want to place the plant in. 

If you have subscribed to AT&T DIRECTV packages, you must have seen some settings in TV shows to get inspiration from. You can also explore Instagram, search interior décor bloggers and professionals on social media to find some incredible ideas. Once you know what kind of plants you need to beautify your home, then you can go on the shopping spree as well!

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