Effective and Easy Plant Care Tips for People Stepping towards Plant Parenthood

Are you someone who is putting their first step forward to plant parenthood? Are you someone who has a busy office schedule but still wishes to have an evergreen-looking home garden? Well, this may sound a bit tricky but not impossible. Here we pen down a few plant care tips that you can follow to get going with your garden plantation desires:

Do not overwater

People believe that watering the plants in excess is going to help in keeping them green always, but this is simply a myth. In reality, plants tend to recover at a faster pace when they are given lesser water than required rather than overwatering them. Also, in such cases, when you have given an excess of water to the plants, you can consider repotting them by eliminating any unhealthy roots and wet soil before planting it into a new pot. Order plants online to brighten your surroundings.

Allow the water to flow

Despite all the efforts one makes to prevent overwatering, there are still chances that you may tend to accidentally overwater your plants. In such cases, a hole at the bottom of the plants can be a savior. Drainage might be the right word to say, which will allow the excess of water to seep out of the hole to make your plants receive just the required amount of water. Also, make sure to keep a tray or any other similar plate or saucer beneath it to prevent wet floors.

Overlook the fertilizers

Yes, fertilizers are a way to enhance the growth of plants, but using them in excess can actually harm your plants rather than doing any good. Further, house plants may not require any fertilizer at all. Thus it is okay if you wish to skip on the fertilizers and look for other natural ways to enhance the growth of your plants.


We usually tend to avoid this step, but removing the old-growth of the beauties in your garden will help them grow faster. Just like we humans tend to trim our hair with the belief that trimming will freshen it up and make our hair grow at a better rate, the same is the case when you prune the plants. So all your plants need is a quick pruning session whenever the old growth tends to show up with full flair.

Compatibility check

Every plant may not behave the same; some may need extra water, some may need extra sunlight, and some may just need shade. Thus it is vital to know the lifestyle of the plants that you wish of planting in your home garden. On the contrary, if you are someone with a tight schedule and cannot afford to dedicate much time to plant parenthood, then probably you should look out for low-maintenance plants that can save your day. So before you bring in any random plants that come your way, run a compatibility check and figure out which ones you can actually bring home and care for without being fussy.

Stability constraint

Stability is another constraint that you need to keep a check on while building a home garden. You cannot afford to place your delicate plants near the radiator or any such similar heating unit or even the AC plant. Thus it is necessary to maintain a stable temperature that ranges between 65 to 75 degrees to provide an adequate environment for the plants to grow up.

Know how often and when to water the plants

Yes, plants do require water but not all the time. So you cannot rush with a can of water and water your plants anytime, and every time you feel so. Just imagine every time you come in front of your mom, and she stuffs some food in your mouth. Sounds weird, right? The same is the case of plants; they also do not require water often, and thus as a caring plant parent, you need to know when your plants actually need water and how often you should water them to keep them in good health. The best way to figure it out is to insert your finger in the soil an inch inside; if it’s dry, it’s time to water them, and if it’s not, you can consider waiting for some time before you grab a jar of water. Also, if you find the leaves of your plants to shrivel and dry off, it’s an indication that the particular plant needs some extra water.

We hope that this guide helps you to some extent to get started with your home garden goals. So what are you waiting for? Follow all the above-mentioned golden rules and see how your house garden blossoms with full-fledged.

Are you someone who is putting their first step forward to plant parenthood? Are you someone who has a busy office schedule but still wishes to have an evergreen-looking home garden?





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