7 Fashionable Ways to Turn Heads with Your Outfits

To the fashionista, you will rock it.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” —Bill Cunningham

Who does not want to be a showstopper? Well, if not a literal showstopper, all of us would at least once want that every head turns towards us, and we are actually the center of attention Custom denim jacket. Especially when you are going to that interview, and you think that you would not look like a viable candidate just by your appearance, this is the time to change it. The first impression is indeed the last, so you got to get it right.

It is your turn to turn heads.

Contrasted dress pants and tuck-in shirts

You would even try to keep everything monotone when going to a job interview. Well, it is not bad, but not good as well. While wearing maroon dress pants, have you ever thought of wearing a white shirt or one in lilac? How magnificent would they look?

Additionally, pair the pants with heels and not flats. You can also add minimalistic jewelry and a wristwatch that will make you look like a professional.

Now that you are confident in your appearance go ahead and ace that interview.

Wear an eye-catching color

Reds, maroon, purples, or even yellows. Do not fear wearing dark, deep, and dazzling colors that can set you apart. If you are wearing a red dress, pair it with accessories and heels. You will literally rock your way. Color is incredibly important for an immediate impression. Colors like gray or beige tend to become part of the background, so wear them sparingly or with an exciting color. The color that has the tendency to turn heads more than anything else is red. You can make a big statement by wearing a red dress or relaxing a bit and wearing red lipstick, a basic red sweater, or a red scarf. Jewelry tones are also helpful in attracting attention.

Custom denim jacket looks sexy

Yes, we do low-key love leather. Pair a custom denim jacket with your outfit to give it a luxurious look. Even if it is a date or a party, you should note that you would be able to rock both. Leather jackets are available in various sizes and colors. Yes, they can cost you a huge sum if you try to get something too exclusive.

(Well, all of them are exclusive in one way or other)

Search for a leather jacket on an e-store. Usually, stuff at e-stores costs a bit less than those in physical shops. However, this does not apply to bigger brands, but why would anyone be on a budget if they choose to shop from a high-end brand.

Get an embellished leather jacket to wear over your basic tees and jeans or that little black dress. It is legit a one-for-all.

Wear dresses that fit you well

When we say they should fit you well, do not think that it should literally be skin fit, and as the term suggests, they should also not be loose. Wear outfits that fit you just right, do not make you look too tall, too short, fat, or even very slim. You want to make sure things like jeans fit you right. Don’t just buy old jeans that look close enough. Stick to those that don’t wrap around the waist and are the right length (or are easily lined to the right length). Clothes that are a bit too tight will make you look lumpy and make you scream that you want attention. Clothes that are too loose seem to want no attention Custom denim jacket.

Wear a belt

Yes, even when wearing a straight button-down or a long dress that does not have a very good fit or is just solid colors with basic or minimal patterns, give your body some shape and dress some detailing by wearing a leather belt with an intricate pattern on it. You can even choose to wear one of those metal belts or chains that are for show purposes. Even they look pretty and elegant. This kind of detailing can even reinvent an old dress. Thus, if there is a long loose top sitting in your wardrobe, you know what exactly needs to be done.

The best part? Adding a belt will not cost a lot. Pair it with sandals and see how you spread your charm.

Athleisure and leathers

Yes, this is celebrated, and we would say a timeless combo. Athleisure makes one look straight out of bed, but a custom denim jacket on top of it can make you look the right among classy, and yes, it will do what is intended out of it. It will turn heads towards you. The common perception behind such an article of clothing is that it would be extremely expensive. Not that they will not cost you bucks, but yes, they are worth it. You can make budget picks via online shops, pair them with a leather bag and sneakers. Ta-da, the diva, is all set.

Jumpsuit and a hat

Yes, you might not have paid a lot of attention to this combo, but yes, it makes you look classy yet sexy, that too, at the same time. Getting a solid-colored jumpsuit or even one with floral prints will not dampen the impact you will have on people wherever you go. While talking about a hat, you should know that you can pull off the same cool look even with a cap. You just need to ensure that the colors are in sync.

Bottom line

Above everything, you need to ensure that you are not wearing anything that makes you remotely uncomfortable. Remember, regardless of how good an outfit may look on the mannequin, you should not stress yourself to look like it as long as you are comfortable in your skin. You can make all heads turn when you are confident that you look the best.

Self Confidence added with a smile is the best accessory that one can wear.

james norwood
james norwood
Justin is a fashion enthusiast and has the soul of a traveler. Staying atop the fashion trends, styling and grooming are etched in every fiber of his being. Not only that, but he loves to share his thoughts with a myriad of people via his blogs.





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