Visit These Amazing Places To Enjoy Detroit Nightlife

Detroit, a beautiful city in Michigan, is home to approximately four million people, haunted by past chaos. The city has its charm; from the exquisite museums, theatres, dive bars, everything is eternal. The city has been through some challenging times, but it has given a stronger comeback by new buildings going up, people moving back, and tourism rising at its peak. The best and exciting part is that the nightlife of this city is growing, enhancing, and developing with each passing day. To experience the exciting nightlife of this admiring city, book flights to Detroit from the MyTicketsToIndia website!

Here Are Some Amazing Places To Enjoy Detroit’s Nightlife 

  • The Actor’s Workshop 

The Actor’s Workshop was established in 1984. After its opening, the city was involved in forming a youthful and vibrant community. The studio is situated on Washington Avenue, and the best part about this place is that its classes are forever full. The workshop is extensively attended by stage actors who want to work as models, narrators, or commercial films. It is the best place for people who want to learn acting techniques, and visitors can visit this place at night for an exciting experience. 

  • Enjoy A Drink Abick’s Bar 

Black’s Bar is one of the oldest and most aesthetic bars in the city, built-in 1919. The surprising part about this bar is that they allow you to bring your food. There is a big back section, with huge tables, where you can sit and enjoy. The historical charm of this bar is super exquisite with an essence of coolest architecture. It is a must-visit place, especially at night, and once you enter the bar, you will be welcomed with a sweet hello along with the in-depth history of this place. You can explore this beautiful bar by booking plane tickets to Detroit from the website of MyTicketsToIndia. 

  • Take Tour Of Motor City Casino 

It is one of the best places in Detroit, which is closer to home and has fewer crowds. It has everything one needs to spend a perfect weekend. This place has its concert hall where you can enjoy amazing performances every night. Other than that, you can also enjoy five-star dining, V Nightclub, spa, etc. There is no restriction while visiting this place, it is open all day and every day, and you can stay here for as long as you want. 

  • Legendary Fox Theatre 

Fox Theatre is a legendary grand theatre that opened in 1928. It is considered as the national historic landmark and one and only Detroit’s crown jewels. It was earlier originally used as a movie theatre but is now known for hosting the biggest names in the entertainment and music industry. It is situated across the street from Ford Field, Little Caesars, and Comerica Park, where all the local teams of Detroit’s play home sports. To book your flights to Detroit, book your tickets! 

  • New Center Park 

Do you remember those park scenes you see in holly movies where you can watch movies under the sky and that too on the large screen? Let me tell you; all those things exist in reality! New Center Park is exactly what you are looking for; you will get to experience the fun of watching iconic movies on the giant projection screen while enjoying your favorite food with your friends and family. 

  • Redford Theater 

Redford Theater was opened in 1928 to play most of the silent films. It is a three-story building with a full-size stage that has scheduled movies for kids and parents. Apart from that, you will also get a chance to enjoy a live music performance before each show takes place. This place is highly devoted to classic films such as in the Rain, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, etc. It is one of the best places to enjoy and relive old movies. Do not miss out on this place, and book your flights to Detroit

  • Go For Bowling, Board Games, And Ping Pong 

Who does not love bowling, ping pong, and other board games? It is one of the best ways to enjoy the nightlife in the city. Take out some time to explore such places and enjoy some games with your beloved family. Some of the best places you can visit to play these games are Punch Bowl Social, Garden Bowl, Magic Stick, Lucky Strike Entertainment, and Emagine Entertainment, And Star Lanes. 

  • Café D’Mongo’s Speakeasy 

Café D’Mongo’s Speakeasy is one of the iconic places for cocktail hangouts. It has been the favorite place for many big stars such as Ryan Gosling, etc. It has dim lighting, classic prohibition, music-inspired décor, and many other things that can woo your mind. This place is ideally famous for whiskey, Detroit Brown with Vernors as the signature cocktail. Who would not love to visit such a place, especially at night? Get amazing deal offers on booking your flights to Detroit from the MyTicketsToIndia website. 

  • Visit Detroit Film Theater 

This place has been the beacon of culture for Detroit for more than a century. You are going to love this place. Other than that, you can also buy foods, snacks, and beverages from a café located in the Detroit Institute of Arts. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to bring snacks or drinks from outside the premises. 

  • Go Comedy! Improve Theater 

It is a comedy theatre specialized in sketch comedy and improv. You would experience one complete laugh moment from the time you enter until you leave. The actors and stars working are super, and you will experience a different night altogether. 


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