10 Funny And Easy DIY Ideas For Adults

Handmade items (also known as crafts) are made from available materials by yourself, through the meticulousness and ingenuity of the performers to create beautiful and unique items. Because of the “unique” ideas of these beautiful handmade items, many people have made their own unique handmade items for business.

There are many ways to make simple handmade paper or other available materials such as felt, paper core, plastic spoon … But you will be mesmerized with these 10 DIY handmade ideas because it is so beautiful. This is also an opportunity to get rich if you know how to apply these ideas in real production. Just having skillful hands, cute handmade items will be made quite simply by you.

In the following article, we will share with you 10 beautiful, simple handmade ideas that you can easily follow. Let’s follow along and create beautiful handmade items in your own style.

1. Make your own handmade from old lighters

If you are a smart hand and love cars, why not create your own model of a very cool large displacement car. Don’t be in a hurry to throw away the old lighters, take advantage of them to make a high-displacement motorcycle in an extreme handmade style. For details on how to make this cool handmade thing you can refer to the instructional video on the Youtube channel, then follow.

And this is our end product, are you excited? Such a very magnificent and attractive motorcycle.

2. Make simple handmade items from a plastic spoon

Disposable plastic spoons, after being used, are often thrown away. Why don’t you keep them and make your own unique handmade with these plastic spoons? A mirror with chrysanthemum trim made from discarded spoons is sure to be a beautiful, unique handmade item that you should try.

And here is the most beautiful chrysanthemum mirror in history that you can simply learn how to do from today.

3. A colorful garage with recycled plastic bottles

This is a fairly elaborate way to make handmade things but will create an excellent product for your garage. The ingredients are full-color recycled plastic bottles, hung up like this. The bottom of the bottle will be painted in blue/yellow/red depending on the inspiration and color you love.

And this is the result! You see, with this unique handmade thing like this, you can both take advantage of discarded bottles and create an extremely new and colorful garage. It’s great ideas, isn’t it?

4. Handmade chandeliers 

Making chandeliers from a plastic spoon:

The ingredients to prepare before you start:

  • 2 plastic bottles
  • 1 glue gun
  • 1 plastic spoon box
  • 1 bulb

The process of spreading glue and sticking plastic spoons around the bottle. From easy-to-find handmade materials, you’ve created a pretty impressive and easy chandelier.

Making handmade paper stuff – cardboard chandeliers:

Cut the cardboard in rectangular strips and fold into 5 or 6 equal pieces. Make a 6 or 5 wing shape.

A handmade hood that is delicately displayed will make the room space more attractive and attractive than ever. Follow the simple handmade thing above and you will be surprised at the results you created.

5. Decorating your shoes

If you feel your shoes are too monotonous or want to make a difference with your everyday style, do not hesitate to follow these steps! Surely you will have a beautiful, unique, strange, and fearless shoe.

Be sure to use a ruler and pencil to sketch over the pattern before you start coloring your shoes. This handmade thing is also quite interesting and interesting, right. And the result is attractive and innovative handmade shoes.

6. Make handmade stuffed animals with a glove

The way to make this beautiful handmade thing is quite simple and the ingredients for you to make this handmade item are quite easy to find, including only gloves, white cotton, and sewing thread. Perform each step in turn as shown in the instructions.

A handmade teddy bear key chain made of felt or wool is really very different, isn’t it? You can make your own handmade items like this to give your boyfriend, girlfriend, or your lover to important events. It also makes good Fathers day gifts for your dad.

7. How to make handmade flower decorations from toilet paper core

Is your wall too monotonous? You want to decorate it more vivid and attractive. Then, surely you will not be able to ignore how to make this unique handmade with these toilet paper core flowers. Let’s see how to do it!

The ingredients that need to be prepared to make this paper handmade are quite simple, including toilet paper core, scissors, scissors, and color paint.

First, cut the paper core into small circles about 1cm thick. Stick them together with glue, and according to your natural imagination, you can arrange the petals for the most artistic and appealing. These handmade works on the wall or stage are also quite beautiful and novel.

8. Take advantage of old cans to make handmade pen tubes

Making beautiful handmade things with cans is no longer too strange to everyone. Metal cans or cardboard snack cartridges can turn into colorful pen holders.

You just roll the colored paper around the can, then decorate the eye-catching patterns. You can absolutely start a handmade business from these small and pretty items.

9. How to make souvenirs by hand – Pictures, picture frames from buttons

Instead of drawing colors, you can create pictures with colorful buttons. It is not too difficult to create a picture or photo frame with buttons, you do not have to be very skillful, but it takes a little creativity to create unique and different images. And you absolutely can sell these beautiful, beautiful handmade items.

10. Plastic spoons can also be used for jewelry

Have you ever thought of making your own handmade plastic spoon necklace? If you are tired of the jewelry sold at the store and want to find yourself a beautiful, unique handmade item, do not miss these ideas!

First, you will cut these plastic spoons into different lengths. Then hold those plastic spoons over the candle. The shape of this petal is quite important and will affect the final product, so do this very carefully. 

The result is a very beautiful and stylish necklace, isn’t it? You see, you can make beautiful handmade items by yourself, you can both recycle environmental protection materials and have unique handmade items. In addition to this handmade necklace made from these recycled spoons, you can also use this way to make other unique handmade bracelets too.

Hopefully, with the above simple handmade ideas above, you can both learn to make handmade items by yourself, while you can create more useful items for life. 

Simplicity is the key to happiness





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