Double Beds With Storage Boxes

Modern furniture factories produce very practical and functional furniture. Thus, comfortable double beds can be equipped with additional side shelves, folding or retractable mechanisms, as well as storage systems of various modifications. The latter, as a rule, are presented by spacious boxes of linen.

Features and Benefits–

Practical and functional beds with drawers, drawers, and drawers today are very popular with consumers. The demand for such models is due to their multiplicity. In a bed, with drawers, you can not only sit comfortably and sleep well but also place various things in it. Most often in these spaces, the owners keep bed linen, pillows, blankets, blankets, and other items for which they could not allocate a separate space in the room.

It should be noted that furniture of this configuration is a very good solution for a small space.

It has the ability to store many items, without filling an already compact space. If the beds are large enough and spacious drawers, then using them, you can refuse to use extra cabinets and drawers. Similar interior items can be placed in both the adult and the children’s bedrooms. Often, users place them in storage systems for children’s toys, school supplies, and other similar items.


The following types of beds can be equipped with drawers for washing machines:

  • Rectangular models. These classic varieties are the most common. Often in these boxes, they are located on the sides and are very spacious.
  • Corner. Corner beds with built-in linen drawers are good solutions for a small bedroom. However, models with large and large sides in a small room will look very heavy, so the choice of such interior items must be very careful.
  • Ottoman. Transform the interior of the bedroom and do not take up much space with a cabin bed. Such furniture is also equipped with storage systems. They can slip and fold. Often in such models, there are sheet drawers with horizontal orientation and opening mechanism.

Types of Designs–

Beds with storage systems can have different designs. The internal mechanisms of the furniture depend directly on the size of the room and the way the bed is installed.

There are several main types of designs:

  • For example, options drivers without a will are an excellent choice for those owners who have not yet decided what will be in store-built niches. Such a storage system is a large box in which a mattress can easily fit, some large blankets, and cardboard boxes filled with various items. The main disadvantage of these models is their impressive size.
  • Boxes with guides more suitable rational users who know exactly what and how to store them. Typically, such systems consist of two to three drawers that form a single array with a bed. Several boxes can be taken under the storage of seasonal items, we put them in cellophane before starting. Other boxes are suitable for the items you need every day. For example, it may be a different layer.
  • Storage systems additional wheels Attach to the bottom of the bed. Such structures are more convenient to use, as they move easily forward, even if they contain quite heavy objects. It is worth noting that these types of bedroom furniture are ideal if the floor in the room is carpet. Driverless and wheelless versions after frequent use will leave ugly fringe paths on the floor.
  • One of the most spacious is collapsible storage systems. In these beds, the access to the specialized place for linen is opened only after you lift and fasten the mattress and the base. The rest of the open space is a large space where you can organize many different things. The disadvantage of this furniture is that you will not have direct access to the things stored in it. To get it, you have to go up the bed every time.
  • Direct access to things provides drawers with facades. As a rule, these varieties perform an additional decorative function. These boxes do not merge with the body of the bedroom furniture but are made of the same material.


Currently, in the furniture market, there are models of beds from different materials.


The most durable and durable are metal products. Over time, they do not deform and do not lose their attractive appearance. Such furniture is almost impossible to break or wear. However, it is worth noting that metal beds in the cold season also get very cold, so it is not always comfortable to sleep on them.

If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. Interior designers suggest buying such items for more modern furniture.


The most environmentally friendly and reliable products are correctly recognized. from a natural tree. Modern furniture factories use these species such as scallop, birch, pine, oak, beech, ebony, cane, etc. This furniture is distinguished by its precise and unique appearance. These characteristics are because natural wood always has a natural pattern on its surface that can not be repeated. This property makes each bed truly unique and original.

Wooden furniture is not cheap and requires special treatment. From time to time the tree must be treated with special protective impregnations. Such simple care will save the natural material from drying out, the loss of light shade, and the formation of pests.

MDF and Particleboard:

One of the most affordable and common beds is MDF and particleboard. Such raw materials are cheap and look very attractive. However, products made from these materials serve far less than natural wood models. They are prone to breakage and do not like temperature extremes.

LDSP is recognized as a toxic material, as it is produced from harmful formaldehyde resins. Today, in many industries, parts of the raw material are covered with veneer so that the furniture does not emit harmful substances. These models are more expensive, but they are safer.


Various materials are also used for upholstered beds.

  • The most expensive and aesthetic are the models upholstered in genuine leather. The bed in such a performance will keep a commercial dress for a long time. With the help of such furniture, you can enrich the interior and make it really elegant.
  • If you can not afford such a model, then you should consider cheaper options with eco-leather or dense leatherette upholstery. These materials look beautiful but do not tolerate temperature drops. They are less durable. After prolonged use, faded marks and shades often appear on their surfaces.
  • The most economical and popular beds are recognized by the fabric finish. Most often, manufacturers use such varieties of textiles as jacquard, cotton, velvet, cord, or velvet.


Beds with storage boxes are available in the following sizes:

  • single beds – 80×190 cm, 90×190 cm.
  • one and a half sleep – 120×200 cm, 140×200 cm.
  • double – 160×200 cm, 187×195 cm, 180×205 cm.
  • King size – 200×200 cm, 200×220 cm.

Interesting Design Ideas–

Beds equipped with linen drawers look harmonious in many sets. Examine-in detail several attractive interiors in which there is such a functional piece of furniture.

A luxurious large natural wood bed with dark shade will harmonize with the gray walls and the floor will be laid with dark parquet. Place a tall wooden shelf on the right side of the bed, and bedside tables of similar material on the sides. It is possible to strike such a gloomy ensemble with gold handles in linen drawers at the bottom, white linen, gray-purple blankets and pillows, fluffy light gray carpet, and white paintings on the headboard.

The original bed with a black frame and high headboard, equipped with built-in shelves/drawers, can be placed in a beige bedroom with light cream. Full bed with white linens. Decorate the floor with pastel shades and hang bright square images over the high headboard. The window in the bedroom should be complemented by white curtains.

A white Provencal-style double bed with linen drawers will find its place in a room with white walls and a light pink floor. Place a bed on a flower bed and arrange white bedside tables on each side. In such a bedroom, a white grill and a wardrobe with a mirror will look harmonious. Dilute the classic shades of the mural in blue and fresh flowers on the bolts.

A beautiful folding chocolate bed with a high rounded headboard can be placed in a milky room and complemented by a tall dark chocolate cupboard with mirror orientations. Dilute boring colors with soft purple pillows and rug, cream fluffy rug on the light floor, and paintings on the walls depicting nature.

A light wooden bed with an around the headboard and sliding side drawers will fit perfectly in the interior of the room with walls the color of baked milk and the gray-white floor. Complete the decor with a white fluffy rug, a brown cloak over the headboard, brown curtains on the windows, and a gold rug on the white bed.

A solid gray wooden bed with a high headboard and front boxes can be placed in a room with white walls and a light gray floor. Decorate the bed with contrasting pillows, put a beige fluffy rug on the floor and hang coffee curtains on the windows. Small images with black frames will look harmonious on the headboard.

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