Useful Tips – Tips for Eye Care and Hygiene

Tears are an important factor in the hygiene of your eyes. Tears are responsible for preventing dry eyes. Eye cleansing can be done with gentle movements and a wet wipe on the eyelids.

Irritated eyes

In case you feel irritated eyes, use artificial tears. You can also use chamomile to soothe irritation. In conditions where you make intense use of air conditioners or with the use of screens, it would be good to open and close your eyes more often.

Severe irritation may be due to pathological causes such as viral conjunctivitis, which usually occurs at a young age, and you should see your doctor immediately or simply by reacting to chemical and physical causes that came in contact with the eye. so in this case rinse with plenty of water. Irritations can also be a side effect of medication, especially in the elderly.

Protective glasses

Also, the strain on the eyes is a result of working on the computer and in conditions in general that require for a long time focused attention of your eyes. Short breaks, the use of glasses that absorb harmful rays, and changing images in the field of view will help you.


Allergic conjunctivitis is mainly based on dust, pets, and fabrics that may be present near the eyes. But they can also occur from hair dyes, cosmetics, and various metals. If allergies persist then you should consult your doctor.

Contact lenses and proper fluid

Now, in case you want to wear contact lenses, you need to know some things about their correct choice, such as curvature, diameter, and recommended application time. For this, you should have proper measurement and first test by your doctor, who will advise you. There are contact lenses for prolonged use, monthly and daily, while they are divided into two main categories, soft and semi-hard.

Also, the proper choice of liquid for the maintenance of the lens and its cleaning is an important issue. The Solunate Multi-Purpose is certainly a good solution for the cleaning of contact lenses.

Eyelid care

There are various diseases related to the eyelids such as hail which occurs with swelling of the gland which produces a fatty oil that is part of our tears. It is not contagious and just passes after about 2 months. Blepharitis mostly shows blond people with sensitive skin and creates inflammation of the eyelid due to infection by staphylococcus.

Staph virus can also infect barley because it infects the roots of the eyelashes, and usually occurs in childhood. For this reason, it is good to always have correct and preventive children’s eyes examinations.

Barley (Barley) – How it is treated?

We will not dwell on the question, what is Barley (Barley) or what it looks like. Many of you will probably know that this is something that makes your life a little more difficult. Especially for contact lens users. Why; Because it hurts, it stings, and it doesn’t look nice. For all of us lens users, it forces us to wear glasses again, something we have so far avoided. That is why prevention is the most important thing for our eyes.

Eye strain protection

Surely you are wondering if it is something sticky? It is not a disease, but more a malfunction of the glands that produce oils. Do not forget to visit your optician at regular intervals! Too high or low diopters increase eye strain. Avoid over-focusing and using the computer for many hours or reading in low light. Try eye drops with hyaluronic acid. Didn’t all this help your eye health?

Good Eye Hygiene

What is Quartz? Barley (barley) is sometimes confused with hail, although in the end, they are slightly different cases. In both cases, however, cleansing is very important and applies to everyone, because we often rub our eyes with infected hands and dramatically increase the risk of infection. Who touches their eyes often? Contact lens users, of course! Choose one of the liquids for high-quality lenses, to safely clean the lenses and reduce the risk of the appearance of Barley.

What to do if Barley has already appeared?

Do not despair. You will probably not be able to wear contact lenses for as long as this lasts. Be careful not to touch or squeeze the rash, as the infection may spread to the rest of the eye. It is also recommended that women do not wear makeup. If the pain is unbearable or the problem has not gone away within two weeks, see your doctor.

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