What to Do If You Have a Emergency Dentist

Having dental work done can be very expensive, and if your insurance doesn’t cover all of the expenses, you could end up paying thousands of dollars for just one tooth extraction. When something goes wrong with your dental health and you need to see an emergency dentist near me open now.

But there are some steps you can take to help get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. One common emergency dentists encounter involves people who have sensitive teeth due to exposed nerves or cavities that hurt when they eat cold foods or drink cold liquids.

Treating Tooth Pain

If you wake up in pain and have severe tooth pain that requires immediate attention, visit an emergency dentist near me immediately. The longer you wait, the worse it will get; once your tooth is damaged beyond repair, it’s very difficult (and expensive) to restore its original health. As such, make sure you know how far away your closest emergency dentist near me is at all times; if you find yourself experiencing discomfort at any time of day or night, don’t hesitate to call for an appointment—they’re open 24/7!

Chipped or Broken Teeth

While you can still wait for a dentist appointment, you should never wait if you have a chipped or broken tooth. This is especially true if your tooth becomes loose or starts to cause pain. It’s important that you make an emergency dentist appointment as soon as possible, even if you don’t feel any pain. Chipped deep teeth cleaning near me are more susceptible to infection, which could easily spread throughout your mouth and cause discomfort or illness—and broken teeth are always painful. Once at an emergency dentist appointment, they’ll likely need to fix your chipped or broken tooth immediately; fortunately, it should only take about an hour for them do so.

Uncontrollable Bleeding

If your tooth has become loose, and you can’t push it back into place or stop it from vibrating in and out, then you need to seek emergency dental treatment right away. Call your dentist or locate an emergency dentist near you. In many cases, your dentist will first use freezing gel packs or take X-rays to try and pinpoint what’s wrong with your tooth; they’ll then be able to give you advice on how best to proceed. If they deem that there’s no other option but extraction, then they will remove your tooth (or teeth) safely while providing excellent pain relief as necessary.

Lost Fillings

The most common dental emergency is a lost filling. This happens when your tooth is exposed and allows bacteria into your gum line. These bacteria can cause an infection, swelling, or extreme sensitivity in your tooth. To fix it, you’ll need to visit an emergency dentist near me who can drill out your tooth, repair it with a filling, and cover up any exposed areas that have already been affected by bacteria.

Pain that Doesn’t Go Away

The fact is, pain in your mouth or teeth is often a warning sign that you’re developing a more serious problem. If you experience sudden, extreme tooth pain—the kind that keeps you up at night and isn’t easily relieved by over-the-counter remedies—you should go see an emergency dentist near me. It could be something as simple as an infection or cavities (dentists call them caries), but it could also be something serious like a dental abscess. Either way, waiting for several days for an appointment with your regular dentist might cause your problem to get worse or require much more involved treatment.

Swollen Gums

Even though you can’t see your gums, it’s still important to take them into account when assessing pain and infection. Red, swollen gums often indicate gum disease or that your immune system is low and you are more susceptible to infections. Since inflammation creates pain in both humans and animals, if your gums are swollen or painful, a trip to an animal hospital could be in order.

How do you tell if something is wrong? If your pet seems lethargic, has lost its appetite, or has difficulty chewing or swallowing food, it could be an indicator of serious infection within their mouth and throat area; if any of these things happen with redness or swelling associated with gums then it is time for a visit with an animal doctor.

Problems with Bruxism (Grinding)

An unexpected toothache or sensitivity to hot or cold is cause for concern. According to WebMD, there are many possible explanations for pain that comes on quickly and without warning. In order of urgency, these include: dental abscess (caused by infected root canals), gingivitis (an inflammation of your gums), and pyorrhea (also an inflammation caused by gum disease).

Left untreated, you could develop serious conditions like infection or heart attack. This kind of pain shouldn’t be ignored. Go see your dentist right away. They will give you an exam and likely offer treatment options depending on what they find. If you don’t have a dentist, call around for recommendations and make an appointment immediately.

Unexplained Soreness in Your Mouth

Just because you don’t have a toothache doesn’t mean that something isn’t wrong with your mouth. Many dentists say that what we think of as an actual toothache is more often than not caused by inflammation in gum tissue, which can also lead to tooth loss and infections. Even when no pain is involved, patients are sometimes referred to endodontists if their dentist notices swelling or redness at the base of a tooth.

These symptoms could be early signs of periodontal disease, one of America’s leading causes of adult tooth loss. Periodontal disease happens when plaque builds up along teeth and gums, causing bacteria to grow. This bacteria leads to gingivitis (inflammation of gums) and then eventually periodontitis (more advanced gum infection).

Left untreated, it can cause serious damage to . Although there are many ways to treat periodontitis once it develops, prevention is key: The best way to avoid periodontitis is by keeping up with regular dental cleanings every six months or so.

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