How To Delete WhatsApp Group Permanently

There are various ways you can know which is better for your WhatsApp group. We will be discussing all the ways one can know about deleting WhatsApp or Facebook groups.

You have been asked “How to get rid of WhatsApp groups?” It’s hard to answer but we will try my best and let you know everything in this post. You don’t know how to delete a WhatsApp group so, that I am going to show you some quick guidelines so go through it and take a decision. These WhatsApp group settings will only work on WhatsApp 4.0 and above but not WhatsApp 3.0. So when someone asks me “how to delete whatsapp group?” Here I will help you with complete guidelines and information.

Before you ask the question “ How to find out who created your WhatsApp Groups”

The easiest way is to search for the name “WhoCreated” from WhatsApp. That is how much easier it is to identify people in one click. But unfortunately these groups are deleted after some time. Don’t worry anyone can remove your WhatsApp groups without any notice. Yes, they can do that, it depends on user consent. Before asking question about how to make groups on WhatsApp it is also important that your WhatsApp account has no private videos and media, you don’t want things like Youtube video or audio file.

To know more about Private Groups, see our article below.

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Do WhatsApp Groups really need permission from admin to delete or access them? Yes, but they need to give certain permissions to avoid losing their group settings and data. In case of deleting your WhatsApp group, you will be given an error message and you can’t delete this group but you can change the settings in such groups as hide profile picture, remove comments and messages etc. Once there is a problem like deletion of any group, you can report it by using the ‘report’ option. If, you do not access your WhatsApp group then it will automatically delete yours group without giving your permission. However, you can change the settings in order to allow access to your group by adding the contact email address and password and enter your phone number. Or, you can go to Settings > Privacy > Accessibility where you can change the type of screen reader that users will be able to use.

If you have got multiple active WhatsApp groups and think that they might need separate admin rights, then you can do it by adding another WhatsApp group as an administrator and grant it access to manage or delete your WhatsApp group.

But firstly you have to select the administrator group by clicking its name in top-right corner and create new WhatsApp group. By doing so we will open a different window to add new WhatsApp group, so once done click on the name of the existing WhatsApp group to add one more.

In top right-corner click on the button which shows up ‘ Create New WhatsApp Group’. Enter your Email ID and Phone No and click ‘ Continue’ or else click on Save and Now. At last click on Next. Once the next screen shows up, enter the required details and select Save. After saving your WhatsApp group, in the next window select a username and press on the confirm button. And now download the app and start working on your WhatsApp group.

Here you can see how to view the list of available WhatsApp groups. On the left side of the screen you will see the group you added in new, while in the right-side of the picture you can see your WhatsApp group list.

So, that’s how you can know which are the most suitable WhatsApp groups for your business. Go ahead and leave a comment in the comment box if I am wrong. Let me know what you think in comment section also.

Here’s a few examples for reference, you can choose as per requirement. For example, you can choose between categories, events, event registration and many others for your WhatsApp group. You can also check your notifications or contacts list for every WhatsApp group.

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