Jessica Lily Bridges: Everything You Need to Know About Her

Jessica Lily Bridges is an accomplished actress and producer who has been in films such as “The Giver” and “Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal.” She was born in 1982 in Los Angeles, California, to a performer family. Jeff Bridges, an actor, and singer, is her father, and Susan Geston is her mother. In this article, we will look at Jessica Lily Bridges and her life and work in further detail.

Early Life and Education

Jessica Lily Bridges was born in Los Angeles, California on June 14, 1982. Her father, the famous actor, and singer Jeff Bridges, raised her in a family of artists. Susan Geston, her mother, is a former waitress who now manages a non-profit company. Jessica was up in Santa Monica, California, and attended Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences, where she discovered her passion for acting. She subsequently went on to study cinema and television at Bard College in New York.


Jessica’s acting career began in 2003 when she won a role in the film “Seabiscuit.” She went on to star in a number of other films, including “The Amateurs,” “The Giver,” and “Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal.” She has appeared on the TV show “The Agency” on several occasions. Jessica is a producer in addition to being an actress. In 2014, she produced the film “Aloft,” which starred her father, Jeff Bridges. She also produced the film “Deadly Exchange” in 2017.

Personal Life

Jessica Lily Bridges is a quiet person who rarely discusses her personal life in public. She is, however, married to her long-term lover, Julian T. Booker, who is also a producer. The pair married in 2018 and have been enjoying a lovely life together since then.


Jessica is also interested in charity activity, serving on the board of directors of the Amazon Conservation Team, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and its indigenous peoples. She also supports No Kid Hungry, a program to reduce childhood starvation in the United States.

Jessica Lily Bridges Awards and Nominations

Awards and Nominations

Jessica Lily Bridges has gotten multiple award nominations for her work while being relatively new to the field. She was nominated for a Young Artist Award for her performance in “The Giver” in 2014. For her work in “True Grit,” she was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.


Jessica Lily Bridges is a talented actress and producer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She comes from a family of entertainers and has inherited her father’s talent for acting. In addition to her work in the industry, she is also involved in philanthropic work and is a supporter of several causes. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the future.


What is Jessica Lily Bridges known for?

  1. Jessica Lily Bridges is known for her roles in movies such as “The Giver” and “Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal”.

Who are Jessica Lily Bridges’ parents?

2. Jessica Lily Bridges’ father is actor and singer Jeff Bridges, and her mother is Susan Geston.

What is Jessica Lily Bridges’ educational background?

3. Jessica attended Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica, California, and then went on to attend Bard College in New York, where she studied film and television.





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