Here is How to Move Pack a Stove for the Process of Moving

A stove is not something that people generally move with them while relocating. So by any means, if you are planning to move a stove or planning to relocate to a new place then this blog is definitely going to help you out. It is advisable to hire packers and movers so that you can get better guidance.

It is always better and worth it to begin with a word of advice, especially when you are not sure how to move a stove or just to relocate. A moving organization already has a lot of experience dealing with all the possibilities of moving a stove safely from one place to another and with all the precautions without damaging it or the floor of the existing or the new house. They are generally able to complete get done a lot faster moreover with less stress for you. If you think that it would be a better way to go then you should research and book a reliable moving company for your moving day. But you have to be sure to let them know what all you want to move to your new house, let them know if you want to move a stove or something as well.

When it comes to moving a stove and how to prepare and pack it for the move is concerned then here are some of the tips that you need to know.

Clean It Properly

Midst of all the moving tasks that you have to do you have to give your stove a deep clean to move, this step is very essential because for many reasons. In the beginning, a greasy stove is obviously a very difficult task t move, the reason being that you won’t be able to pack it well. And secondly, if your stove is full of dust and dirt, then it is definitely going to spoil all the other items along with it and the moving vehicle as well for sure.

When you start to clean it then make sure you begin by removing all detachable parts, including all the knobs, broiler pans, and detachable parts that it has. These can be cleaned in the sink of your kitchen. Once you find them clean enough and properly dried then you can pack them. Make sure you label the box clearly so that you don’t get confused and be aware of where to find all these pieces later.

One more thing that is important is that to check out the guidelines given by the manufacturers for your stove to see how to clean it properly. If you don’t have any such guidelines with you then you can check for the same company guidelines online or you can call on their customer care contact number. Generally, the guidelines will tell you to use water, a particular solution cleanser, and clean foam; many of the companies ask to use the degreaser as well.

Now it’s time to disconnect

It’s quite risky to disconnect a stove on your own, even if it is an electric one you will have to be very careful. You will have to go with the steps that must have given in the manual or online, even if you have hired a moving company, they are well-qualified to move a stove make sure they are also doing it as per the company’s guidelines because different companies have different guidelines.

Disconnecting a stove from the places needs more than just removing the plug it from the slap or the wall present there. If you have a gas line you have to get it to shut off if applicable, make sure you cap the pipe as well without any delay.

When you call the specialist or the technician to transfer your utilities, make sure you schedule a time before moving day that they can come and disconnect your stove from the very point. It is something very small that you have to pay for.

Bear in mind that you will have to call upon a technician to come out to your new home as well when you are required to reconnect the stove. If you have planned to go with the same utility provider, schedule that service as well when you set a time to have them when you call them to disconnect the electric line of the gas pipeline.

Wrap it carefully

Another essential step that you have to perform while you move a stove is to provide it some protective and qualitative cushioning. To begin, utilize some of the pieces of good quality packing tape to seal the oven door shut. Then pack up all chords and wires to secure them in place with rubber bands or twist-ties. Then the last thing that you have to do is to cover them with necessary things.

Load it onto the moving vehicle

If you have finally decided to move a stove without taking the help of movers, this is going to be the most challenging part of the job. Stoves are generally very heavy and can easily crack the floor if they are not carried with a proper technique, that is the reason it is always recommended to use either a moving mat, moving pads, or a moving dolly for better convenience

Set a Back-Up

You will have to reverse a lot more of these guidelines when your will arrive at your new place and will have to again reconnect it. It will become very important for you to plan out something to follow with the stove from the moving vehicle to the new kitchen of yourself. Also, you will have to prepare the stairs if you don’t want to have any cracks or anything because of any carelessness. That is the reason we advise hiring packers and movers because they actually know a lot more than anyone.

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