Introducing Marketplace Kit to power Shopify Multi vendor marketplace in 2022

Shopify Multi vendor marketplace shares a significant market share in the eCommerce industry. It is the best way to earn without even owning any inventory for the business. You can use any Shopify Multi Vendor App to build a marketplace that can display millions of products from trusted suppliers.

Recently Shopify has introduced its Marketplace kit but there are a lot of hoaxes surrounding it. The eCommerce universe is yet to explore its significance overusing a Shopify multivendor app. Today we will discuss how the Shopify marketplace kit helps you build an unparalleled Shopify Multivendor Marketplace.

What is a Shopify Marketplace App and how is it beneficial over the Shopify Multivendor app?

Shopify marketplace kit is a set of APIs and robust tools that enable any platform to add the features of commerce. You can either make a full-fledged marketplace place or can use a part of your page to display the products. 

It comes with documentation and ready-to-use components to expedite the development process. The marketplace kit allows the owners of any platform to access the billions of products from merchants who use Shopify for their eCommerce business. 

If you are using a third-party Multi vendor app for Shopify, your offering will remain restricted to the suppliers available on it. You have no idea about the criteria followed by those apps while onboarding the merchants. you may face difficulties servicing your users Without control over choosing trusted suppliers.

On the other hand, when you use Shopify Marketplace Kit, you can stay assured about it due to Shopify handling the merchants. Even the processes like payments, commission, and order fulfilment are taken care of by Shopify itself. Below are a few advantages of using the Shopify Marketplace kit for your Shopify Multi vendor marketplace:-

  • It helps you access billions of products from millions of merchants on Shopify.
  • You have the liberty to choose whether you want to use the whole page for listing products or just a part of it.
  • You don’t have to worry about the order fulfilment as Shopify will handle it.
  • It offers a library of reusable components that helps to make the development process faster.
  • You get community support for encountering any issues faced during the development.
  • You get a rich Shopify admin dashboard for managing your marketplace.

What made Shopify introduce a Marketplace kit?

The eCommerce community often asks why Shopify introduced a kit for the Shopify Multi vendor marketplace. It’s obvious as there are enough Shopify multivendor apps for it but problems persist with them. Below are a few of the reasons that may be behind releasing this kit:-

  • Technical difficulties with present Shopify Multivendor apps

We know that there are many Shopify multivendor available these days. Despite the popularity of these apps, they often encounter technical challenges that make building a marketplace a bit complicated. As a marketplace kit is just a set of APIs, you can follow the guidelines to integrate them for the flawless functioning of your marketplace.

  • An extended time of development due to multiple integrations

Building a Shopify Multi vendor app becomes a complex process due to multiple integrations. This problem is persistent with all major Shopify multivendor apps available these days but you can overcome it. Shopify has come up with a perfect solution to make the development process a breeze. It becomes possible due to reduced dependency on excessive integrations while building a marketplace.

  • Unreliable merchants costing revenues to Shopify marketplace owners

The unreliable merchants who offer their products using multivendor apps have become a serious issue. Most apps fail to implement appropriate measures to filter the trustworthy supply sources. You will get access to millions of verified merchants using the Shopify marketplace kit.

  • Difficulties in managing marketplaces due to limited features on dashboards

Having a rich Shopify dashboard to manage the marketplace can make things easy for you. Most marketplace apps fail to provide feature-rich dashboards and that often leads to troubles for marketplace owners and merchants. Shopify marketplace kit also helps the merchant manage the products easily through channel apps.

  • Problems with order fulfilment and supply channels

Your marketplace will never succeed if you don’t have trusted suppliers to fulfil orders placed by the users. It not only leads to inconvenience to the users but can also damage the reputation of your business. By using the marketplace kit, Shopify ensured that only trusted merchants find their place in your marketplace.


These were some insights about the Shopify marketplace kit and how it is better than a traditional Shopify multivendor app. You are going to invest the money as well as time for building a Shopify multi vendor marketplace. It becomes necessary to put your money on the right things to achieve success. I would recommend using the Shopify marketplace kit to create the Shopify multi vendor marketplace that helps you get the best returns on the investment.

I am a PSD to Shopify app developer, with more than 3+ years of professional experience in PSD to Shopify development services at the leading app development company The Brihaspati Infotech – providing Woocommerce development in India and Custom Shopify App.





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