End-to-End Online Real Estate Sales Support

End-to-End Online Real Estate Sales Support: How a CRM Can Solve the Problem

The real estate business thrives in a competitive landscape. Consistent success depends on how well business owners leverage tools that win the trust of prospective property buyers. This relationship-building journey must be able to endure the challenges experienced during the long process of follow-ups and negotiations. And this is where end-to-end online CRM support plays a vital role in providing property sellers with an edge that makes them build goodwill with buyers effortlessly.

Flourishing Online Property Portals:

Online property rentals have been experiencing a surge in demand because they offer potential buyers an experience to explore the virtual models of properties from the comfort of their homes. Feedbacks from other visitors are readily available for getting undiluted opinions about properties. Under such circumstances, CRM software provides realtors with an efficient medium for managing contacts, scheduling tasks, monitoring sales pipelines, and staying organized for building successful relationships and closing deals.

Real estate sales CRM solutions also empower companies to display inventories to more prospective buyers through online portals. Prospects can virtually walk-through properties, view dimensions from various perspectives, interact with customer reps, and get physical visit schedules fixed online.

Online Property Transactions: Still an Elusive Feature?

Real Estate sales CRM can be called truly end-to-end if it supports online monetary transactions. After all, online payments are quick, safe, transparent, and convenient. Thus, online property search has to be spontaneously complimented with the ability to complete transactions digitally. 

The majority of CRMs fail to provide sales completion opportunities as they don’t facilitate online transactions. This is despite the fact that all CRMs offer stellar flexibility in listing inventories online. This calls for a comprehensive transaction management overhaul wherein efficient, intuitive, and viable online sales modules are integrated into CRM. Sealing a favorable deal on the part of customers needs to be prioritized through a smart and easily navigable transaction mechanism. This renders the online real estate sales process truly holistic.

Characteristics Of End-To-End CRM Support

The fully functional CRM paves the way for automated and reliable online collaboration between property sellers and buyers. It brings the process a step closer wherein online financial transactions can be carried out with relative ease. Such CRM software offers a state-of-the-art customer portal for connecting consumers with businesses directly.

The major features have been summarised below.

  • Ease of Access

An easy way of paving the way for leads to register on the portal. Safety and security are prioritized with encrypted access being granted after the authentication of login credentials.

  • Complete Array Of Useful Tools Available

All insights and tools needed to verify and seal the real estate deal are provided under one roof. Inordinate delay in taking possession of the properties dues to after-sales red tapes is decisively eliminated.

Realtors can benefit from time-saving organizational tools that make simultaneous management of various live projects easier. Manual handling of EOIs, launch calendars, customer appointments, visit scheduling, etc. are no longer needed. The CRM solution simplifies the job and takes real estate automation to the next level with cutting-edge tools for handling events, promotional campaigns, calendar bookings, launches, etc. in a streamlined manner.

  • Strengthening Of Communication is strengthened while turnaround time is optimized.

A deal can get off the realtor’s hands if there is a delay in responding to customers’ queries. CRM reduces turnaround time in catering to customer needs by making responses faster and satisfactory. Information exchange can also take place in real-time.

These features strengthen online sales support and make it a win-win situation for both realtors and customers.

Customer Experience Enhancement

  • Miniature Shopping Cart

Customer experience on the portal is enhanced by offering a simulated version of an e-commerce shopping cart wherein leads can book and pay for chosen properties with ease. All popular payment methods and gateways are integrated.

  • Offers and Discounts

Realtors have the ability to announce and conspicuously display various discounts and offer to grab the attention of prospects. Leads too can negotiate for the best deal online.

  • Real-Time Update Of Listings

The backend database of CRM is robust enough to integrate all functionalities in an immaculately sorted, classified, and connected manner. All listing updates are refreshed in real-time. This makes it impossible to book a property that has already been chosen by another customer. Such a facility promotes customer satisfaction and eliminates resentment.

  • Support For Offline Monetary Transaction

End-to-end online real estate sales CRM also extends support for offline monetary transactions for not-so-tech-savvy customers. They can scan cheques through OCR mode or place requests for collecting cheques, RTGS forms. Installment reminders are also facilitated to help buyers pay on time. Moreover, loan facility and KYC verifications are made available through prominent banks for customers wishing to avail of home loans.


CRM solutions have come to be a boon for real estate businesses for managing their sales and associated activities. The features and benefits listed above make it worthy of investment for any real estate business. 

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