6 Salesforce Chrome Extensions for Admin

6 Salesforce Chrome Extensions That Will Save You Time and Boost Your Productivity

With the constant hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to feel like you never have enough time to get things done. Luckily, Salesforce Chrome Extensions can help you save valuable time so you can get more done in less time if you use them while using Salesforce! Here are 6 Salesforce Chrome extensions that will help you boost your productivity and ultimately help make you more successful at work and in life.

1. Salesforce Apex Class Links

Apex Class Links is a chrome extension that lets you create links for Apex Classes and Triggers, based on your use of these classes and triggers. With Apex Class Links, you can quickly create links to all your Apex Classes from anywhere in your Salesforce instance, allowing you to open related records or call methods from anywhere within Salesforce.

2. Multiple Change Set Component Selector

This chrome extension helps salesforce developers to select multiple components of any type and add them to their change sets.

Features- 1) One-click to select multiple components

2) Add all selected components to change set

3) Helps in grouping different types of components

4) Use Cases – If you are creating an object or changing an existing one, adding multiple fields is a tedious task as compared to adding only one field. With ‘Multiple Change Set Component Selector’ you can easily create/update your objects by adding all required fields with just one click without having to switch between pages for every single field.

3. Salesforce Scratchpad

This extension is a great way for admins to manage their day-to-day activities in Salesforce without having to open up any other application or navigate through tabs. It also helps developers quickly test out code changes in a scratch space on their own computer before applying them to production, which saves time by eliminating potential errors that could have occurred if they had tried it on production first.

For example, with Scratchpad installed, I can go to my developer dashboard and easily copy over some Apex code into my scratch space and immediately test it out. If I make a change I like, I can just hit save on my local version of scratchpad—and boom! My changes are applied directly back into my developer org without ever having to worry about downloading anything from our source control system or deploying anything to an instance of Developer Cloud for testing purposes.

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4. Spekit

This chrome extension for salesforce allows you to make a meeting room or conference room instantly. Bookable from within Salesforce by adding booking information directly into fields like Subject, Location, Start Date, Duration, and more. With Spekit’s chrome extension, you can quickly add events to your calendar without leaving Salesforce.

5. RingDNA

The extension has voice AI technology that eliminates time spent dialing and takes advantage of predictive insights to shortlist numbers. Dial up to 70 numbers per minute right from a CRM record. Sales reps can listen in as calls are being routed for quality assurance, check in on the dashboard for call status & more. The call recording feature helps to capture important conversations & generate useful data from them.

Use RingDNA to make smarter calls, attracts leads, make more conversions and grow revenue.

6. CRM Science – Admin Assistant

Use of this extension –

  1. Save Time Creating and Modifying Profiles
  2. Quick Mass Deletes!
  3. Reduce Clicks Elsewhere in Salesforce.com

CRM Science is a powerful tool that reduces clicks when managing your leads, accounts, contacts, etc. By creating custom profiles with drop-down menus that can be accessed right from your browser window.

For example, if you have a set of fields you use frequently (say phone number or email address). Then create a custom profile with those fields on it. So they’re available at all times without having to go into Salesforce to modify them every time.

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