Packers and Movers Fraud: 8 Simple Tips To Detect

The number of fraud packers and movers is increasing day by day in the market. Today, the moving industry is growing at a rapid pace.

Most people like to relocate to their destination with the professional help of the movers. People rely on these movers owing to their deep knowledge of the moving industry. These movers are aware of the best strategies used in the moving industry. This enables them to plan your move in the best manner.

Many people want to pick these movers. However, they fail in verifying these movers. They do not know the best ways to know about the reputation of the movers. This lets them struggle hard while relocating to any location.

Nowadays, detecting the fraud movers is crucial for your move. If you pick a fraud moving company, you won’t get professional services from them. Besides, there are other challenges you may face after booking them.

If you too are confused in detecting the fraud packers and movers, then don’t forget to use the following tips: –

1. Research your Mover Well

Researching your packers and movers is undoubtedly the first thing to look for during your moving process. It is easy to spot a fraud mover if you keep a few things in mind. You must research well before hiring movers for your shifting process.

There are many ways through which you can detect a scammer. First, you should check whether your mover is reliable or not. There are many steps to find that. You can check the profile of the movers to find their reliability.

It is also important to check their reviews and their customers’ feedback. All this will let you know whether you are dealing with the right mover or not.

It would be advisable to shortlist at least 2 to 3 moving companies before deciding on one. This will help you in comparing their packers and movers charges and their services. Once you come across a good moving company in all aspects, then hire this company straightaway.

2. Verifying their Documents

Make sure to check the legal documents of the movers you are about to hire. This is crucial for your overall move. A reliable mover will possess all the legal documents that are necessary for them to function in the market. Some of the important legal documents they must possess are their registration documents, licenses, Pan Card, GST registration certificate, etc.

If any mover is not showing their legal documents to you, then he is certainly a fraud mover. So, it is better to stay away from such fraud movers.

3. Low Moving Prices

Many packers and movers offer their services at extremely low costs. People fall into the trap of these movers due to their low prices. However, the low moving cost is just a trap. These fraud movers attract more and more customers by quoting the low moving costs to them.

Many people pick these movers because of their low shifting costs. However, they repent of their decision later. These movers force you to pay the hidden prices for their moving services. So, it is advisable not to fall for the cheap moving costs of such movers.

4. Visit their Office

You must pay a visit to the physical address of the movers. It will help you in detecting a fraud mover. Make sure to check the facilities of the movers after visiting the company. Ask more and more questions to them about their moving staff and the services they are offering. Also, make sure to enquire about their process.

If your chosen mover doesn’t answer any of these questions properly, then he might be a fraud mover. Many movers post wrong addresses on their websites. So, it is important to cross-check their address by visiting their office. If you can’t find any company at the given address then you are dealing with a scammer. So, you can clear all your doubts by verifying your mover in these ways.

5. Upfront Cash

Many packers and movers force you to pay upfront cash to them. This is completely illegal on the part of a mover. A reliable mover doesn’t indulge in such practices. A reputed moving company asks for the payment only after delivering your goods to your destination.

So, upfront cash is another sign to detect fraud movers. Make sure to take care of it while choosing a mover.

6. Door-to-Door Shifting Services

Most reliable moving companies offer you door-to-door shifting services from their end. However, the fraud movers don’t mention this service while dealing with the customers. These movers load your goods on the road and also deliver them on the road only. They want you to hire a local transportation service to deliver your belongings to your house. So, you must ask your mover about the door-to-door shifting service.

If any mover doesn’t offer you such services, don’t deal with him. This is a good sign that the mover you have chosen is a scammer.

7. Avoid any Conversations over the Phone

You should be careful while dealing with your packers and movers. Many movers offer moving quotes to you over the phone. They provide you all the information to you over the phone only. They never want you to contact them face to face.

Unlike the fraud mover, the reliable packers and movers don’t force you to make a decision on the phone. They visit your home and conduct a pre-move survey for you. In this survey, they calculate your final moving costs. These movers estimate your costs on several factors and then offer you the final shifting costs. This is the correct way of quoting a moving price to the customers.

If your mover doesn’t offer a pre-move survey to you, then something is wrong with that mover. This is a clear sign that the mover is a fraud mover. So, don’t entertain such movers and contact other moving companies for your move.

8. Insurance Services

The fraud movers and packers in Mumbai to Hyderabad do not want to give insurance services to their customers. These movers are functioning in the market with the single aim of extracting more money from them. So, if your mover is reluctant to provide insurance services to you, then it is a clear sign of a fraud mover.


You can learn about other tips to detect the fraud packers and movers of the market. However, if you follow the above tips, then also you will save yourself from being trapped by the fraud movers.

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