How To Wear Nude Lipstick Like A Pro?

Every girl likes wearing makeup. Whether it is an office party, a family function or a night out, pairing the right dress with appropriate makeup can make you a star at any event. From making you look attractive to uplifting your confidence, makeup can work wonders for your overall personality. Be it nude lipstick, kajal, eye shadow or mascara, a few makeup products are more than enough to achieve a perfect look.

When it comes to applying makeup on your face, lips are the most important part to focus on. Some women prefer nude lips while some prefer darker shades. However, if you are someone who wants to make lips appear more natural, then prefer nude lipstick.

To people’s knowledge, nude lipsticks are lipstick hues that look similar to your skin tone or that are close to your skin tone, unlike other dark and bold lipstick shades. However, one of the major problems faced by girls wearing nude lipstick is that they look washed out and end up sporting lipstick of a darker shade. If you are also one of them, no need to worry.

Nude lip shades often make Indian skin tones look washed out, but that doesn’t mean you say no to pale pinks, browns, peach or other hottest lip shades of the season.

In this blog, we have mentioned a few tips to wear nude lipstick like a pro.

So, without further hold, let’s begin.

Tips To Flaunt Your Nude Lipstick 

  • Bronzer Is A Must-Have 


Bronzer is one of the most important makeup essentials that you will find in every girl’s vanity box. From adding warmth and dimension to your face to making the skin look healthier, there are many benefits of applying bronzer.

As already mentioned above, most nude lip colours like peach and brown can make your skin look washed out. To avoid this makeup blunder, it is recommended to use bronzer or blush to compensate for the lack of colour in your lips. All you need to do is apply colour back to your cheeks using a bronzer. Doing so will make your skin look shiny and sunkissed no matter which nude lip colour you have applied.

Also, make sure to apply some bronzer below your lower lip to complete the look.

  • Don’t Forget Lip Liner

A lot of people underestimate the importance of using a lip liner. However, a lip liner is a vital makeup product to give definition to your lips. Using a lip liner with nude lipstick can work magic. For instance, if you are wearing a pale nude lip colour, opt for a lip liner of a darker shade and apply it around the edges. This will make your lips more prominent and will make your lip shade look natural.

The best tip is to choose a lip liner similar to your natural lip colour and blend the lip liner and nude lipstick well. Doing so will make your lips look rounder.

You can also choose a lip liner of the same colour as your lipstick or one shade darker.

  • Use Creamy Nude Lipstick 

Creamy Nude Lipstick

Matte nude lipsticks can make your lips look dry, cracked or cakey and your lips may lack smoothness. To make sure your lips look hydrated all the time, it is recommended to use creamy nude lipstick or you can also consider applying a lip balm on your nude lipstick. This will make your lips look more natural, moisturized and shiny.

You can also apply a gloss on your lip shade to achieve that result.

  • Consider Your Skin Tone

Skin Tone

The general rule of thumb to make your nude lipstick stand out is by considering your skin tone. When shopping for a nude lipstick, make sure to consider your skin tone. Opt for a lipstick that is warmer than the tone of your skin. This is because cool-toned shades like pink can make your lips look ashy, unnatural and pale, so don’t apply them.

For instance, brown nudes look awesome on warmer skin tones.

The best tip is to go for nude shades like brick or peach to make your lips look attractive. Moreover, if you have a fair or medium skin tone, use peachy nudes to flatter your lips.

  • Use A Corrector

Use A Corrector

When wearing dark lip shades like red, it is advisable to use concealer around your lips to add definition. However, this is not true when wearing nude lipstick.

When applying pale nude shades, opt for colour correctors. This is because if the skin around your lips looks dull, it can spoil your whole makeup look. To avoid this, use the corrector of orange or yellow shades to make the skin look warm.

Let’s Wrap Up

Follow the above tips to make your nude lipstick the star of the overall makeup. For more makeup tips, follow our website.





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