What should I know before I buy wholesale shipping boxes?

Wholesale shipping boxes

Wholesale shipping boxes are used to transport bulk quantities of an item from one place to another place. Suitable packaging should be sturdy enough to ensure the safe delivery of a product. These wholesale boxes provide a perfect fit for bulk quantities of a product and occupy less space in shipment. These boxes are lightweight and robust. They prevent effects from collisions, movement, and damage during their delivery.

Use of Shipping boxes in B2C businesses

These packaging boxes are used in two businesses. Firstly, when the businesses are involved in B2C and B2B transactions. Nowadays, online shopping is trending day by day. Customers place their orders and want to get a product at their doorsteps. So the need for shipping packaging boxes arises for efficient delivery of the product to the customer’s destination. 

Customization of shipping box in B2C business transactions

In B2C transactions, customization of packaging boxes matters a lot. A custom shipment box with a unique design, logo, attractive colors, and readable description can make them a source of advertisement. Moreover, these personalized boxes are designed according to a product’s shape, size, and weight. They provide a perfect fit for the product. They are easy to carry and deliver. These customized shipping boxes should depict the product they contain and highlight its distinctive features. They should be user-friendly so that the customer can quickly unbox an item.

Use of Shipping boxes in B2B businesses

Similarly, businesses deal with other companies when engaged in B2B transactions. In these transactions, consumers are not involved. Most companies order bulk quantities. So wholesale shipping boxes are an ideal option for delivering such bulk quantities safely to the final place. This packaging is also used for storing inventory or other items in warehouses, godowns, and stores. 

Customization of shipping box in B2B business transactions

In B2B businesses, customization of shipment boxes is not very important. Printing and designing are not required for wholesale custom shipping boxes used in such transactions. But These printed shipping boxes should include details of the quantity ordered, its price, and buyers’ information. This information gives a name to the box and helps businessmen or retailers to identify their ordered packaging box. Mostly these shipment boxes are available in two colors: brown and white.

Material of wholesale shipping boxes

The material selection for wholesale shipment packaging is essential. Kraft and cardboard are also used for shipment, but corrugated is mainly preferred. Corrugated is a multilayered material with a wavy flute layer that gives it extra strength. The material for shipment purposes should be capable of bearing wear and tear during shipment. It should be easy to carry and assemble. The shipment box should be water-resistant. It should have a solid structure and should be able to bear heavy pressure. They should withstand atmospheric pressures and strange events during their delivery.

Other features

Packaging companies can mold these wholesale shipping boxes to make them more product-friendly. They can add partitioning slots and inserts to prevent different products from colliding from any jerk during shipment. Packaging companies can also add a handle to increase the convenience of carrying these boxes. These boxes are available in various sizes and shapes with different widths and heights. Their dimensions can be set according to the weight and quantity of the products a business wants to pack in a single shipping box for wholesale products.

Reduce expense

An essential benefit of printed wholesale shipping boxes is that they can hold bilk items. This reduces the expense of multiple packaging boxes. Similarly, single wholesale boxes occupy less space during shipment. 

Eco Friendly wholesale shipping boxes

Moreover, people are becoming increasingly aware of keeping their environment safe. So a need to shift from plastic to sustainable paper packaging arises. Many packaging companies are supplying eco-friendly wholesale shipping boxes. They are recyclable and biodegradable. People love to deliver their items in such safe and sustainable packaging boxes. This packaging can act as a competitive edge for businesses.


Wholesale shipping boxes are used for protecting, preserving, storing, and shipping bulk quantities of a product. They are used in different business transactions. They are also used in the import-export deal. Their versatility makes them more valuable. Their structural design and strength make them suitable for bulk quantities of any product. They are difficult to tear apart. They can also hoard any item for extended periods. 

These boxes are very economical and safe to deliver the bulk of products. They are perfect for businesses that want to keep and store their inventories for a more extended period. Their thick material makes them heat, pressure, and water-resistant.


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