Best Fashion Trends Tips You Will Read This Year 2021

Fashion Trends

Corsets overlap and the second life of old jeans – Vogue updates its list of new fashion trends in the fashion world every week. However, it is impossible to keep up with them if you do not know the secrets of the inner kitchen – how fashion trends are created, what inspires designers, and what laws the fashion industry lives by.

Fortunately, all of this can be learn. CEOWORLD Magazine recognized Istituto Marangoni as the best Italian fashion school in 2018. They teach here not to follow fashion trends but to set them. We have collected popular fashion trends and figured out how to get a profession related to them.


Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele said no to sparkling sequins and used sparkly tinsel instead. This gesture was supported by Givenchy and released a spring/summer collection lavishly decorated with Christmas tree rain.

If New Year’s associations under the summer sun confuse you, then rely on texture and pattern. Peas, large and small, have never gone far out of sight of designers, and now they have begun to appear at every second fashion show.

Clothes designer

It is the broadest area, so we recommend starting with a short three-week course:

  • Clothing design
  • Purchase of fashion collections

You will learn the basics of clothing manufacturing, fashion illustration, and materials handling. In addition, it will help you understand which specialization is closest to you and which profile is worth continuing your studies.


The latest fashion trends in shoe design are extremely humane – they support classics, comfort, and femininity. Only materials and finishes stand out – Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney use beads, and satin ribbons, Alexander Wang – mesh and transparent inserts, Gucci – snakeskin, and Marni wonderfully combine fur, embroidery, and decorative leaves.

Shoe designer

Baldinini, Giovanni Fabiani, Napoleoni, Alberto La Torre – Italian brands are always heard. In shoe design courses, students learn the history of their best and immediately put this knowledge into practice. They make sketches and drawings, work with materials and create their collection.


The fashion for glasses “like in that old movie” returns this summer. Audrey Hepburn, Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, and the young Madonna proved that large frames and unusual shapes could be combined with elegance. A special chic – Chloé, Stella McCartney, and Chanel support glasses on a chain, the return of this accessory.

The latter includes not only jewelry and paraphernalia but also clothing. In addition, students study fashion illustration, digital design, drawing ideas, marketing, and in the course of their studies, they create their portfolios.


If in March stylists predicted a return to the catwalk of the 90s, then in May, the time machine rebelled and returned corsets to fashion. Stylists advise you to forget about lace and ribbons but stock up on strict skirts, long fashion trends coats, and light denim.

By the way, about jeans. The history of cowboy pants is also turning back – designers age, tear, paint and cut them mercilessly. So, if you want to follow fashion trends, connect your imagination and creativity in the same spirit.


If designers come up with clothes and accessories, stylists then figure out what to do with them. They understand image and photoshoots, analyze fashion trends, know everything about types and color types.

Medical clothing

Any employee of a medical organization must wear special medical clothing, but at the same time, everyone wants to look stylish. So now everyone is gradually ceasing to use only classic white medical gowns. Instead, they try to include suits of different colors in their wardrobe, add bright prints and choose hats with cheerful colors. Nevertheless, when choosing a medical suit, practicality is, first of all, important.

What should be emphasized in the new year when choosing medical clothing:

  • White color? It is not at all necessary: the use of bright colors, prints, drawings is appropriate.
  • Loose clothing is welcome!
  • Layering is relevant
  • Combinations of different colors, why not?

Remember, you don’t have to chase fashion trends to look stylish at work. You should feel comfortable and choose the clothes that are perfect for you! Express your personality the way you feel!

A real man has to do three things in life: plant a tree, build a house and raise a son. A real woman owes. She does not owe anything to anyone, except that from time to time to do something for herself. For example, fashionable makeup, in which we will now talk about trends and anti-trends.

How to determine which makeup will be the most fashionable in 2020

Only having arrived from another planet, you might not have known about Fashion Weeks, which are held in the capitals of several countries of the world. Although looking at the images of the models, it is sometimes difficult to say that the couturiers who created them, from the Earth, beauty experts diligently catch every detail and then determine the fashion trends that will dictate fashion in visage.

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