TOP 10: Places that is Recommended by Budapest Tour Guides to Visit

Located in the heart of Europe, Hungary is a country of blue Danube, dessert wine, sweet peppers, geothermal springs, and royal Habsburg architecture. Budapest is a great place to visit, especially with Budapest tour guides that know pretty much everything about the city

Many epithets can be found to describe Budapest, the capital of Hungary. For some, it is a royal city, enticing with majestic architecture. For others, a spa town with dozens of naturally gushing geothermal springs and centuries-old baths and pools. Still, others are a sleepless city of entertainment and parties, enticing into unconventional ruined pubs.

We will discuss TOP10 best attractions in Budapest for you to visit:

Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton in Hungary, far from the real seas, is often romantically referred to as the “Hungarian Sea”. From the 18th century. the shores of the lake landed in villas and spa resorts. One of the most famous resorts on the shores of Lake Balaton in Siofok, famous for its beaches and nightlife, is called the capital of Lake Balaton.


At the loop of the Danube, just a few tens of kilometers from Budapest, the historic city of Sentende is a real gem for confectioners. Sentendre is famous not only for its beautiful old town but also for marzipans. The city has a Marzipan Museum, and if you really like sweets, visit the Dobosz Chocolate Museum, which introduces the history of the legendary Hungarian chocolate cake.

Visegrad Castle

One of the most famous castles in Hungary is the Visegrad Castle on a hill on the Danube. The ruins of the majestic citadel date back to the 14th century, when Visegrad was the capital of Hungary. The castle consists of two parts – upper and lower. The towers of the upper castle offer an impressive panorama of the bend of the Danube.


Europe’s largest geothermal lake is concentrated elsewhere, but in Hungary, with a total of over 1,000 geothermal sources. Lake Heviz is filled with natural mineral water gushing from the depths of the earth – its temperature is about + 38 ° C, so you can swim in the lake all year round. The healing water of the lake is saturated with carbonates, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals, which makes this water therapy suitable for the treatment of various diseases, although it is recommended not to stay in the lake for too long.

Lake Heviz is the largest geothermal lake in Europe


Surrounded by vineyards, Eger is one of Hungary’s wine-making centers. The magnificent medieval castle of Eger rises above the city. Eger is also famous for its sauna traditions, and a few kilometers from Eger there are impressive thermal springs – Egerszalok, which look like the famous Pamukkale mountain in Turkey.


One of the most beautiful towns, hills, and vineyards in Hungary is surrounded by Pecs, which was founded by ferries several thousand years ago. Already in the Middle Ages, Pecs became a center of science, because here in 1367. the first Hungarian university was founded. The necropolis of Sopianae early Christianity, which survives in Pecs, is protected by UNESCO. In addition, Pecs is considered to be the richest city of Turkish architecture in Hungary.


Tokaj is the center of the Hungarian wine district. Tokaj dessert wine is produced here, which is one of the most famous Hungarian products in the world. In Tokaj, it is worth visiting the local wineries for wine tastings. Budapest tour guides highly recommend Tokaj due to its nature and tradition that remains to this day.

Aglete’s caves

Aglete’s caves in northern Hungary are one of the largest cave systems in Europe, protected by UNESCO. In these impressive caves, you can see the beauty of the underground world – the highest stalagmite in the world, which is 25 meters high, as well as underground lakes and waterfalls.

Holocaust Village

The UNESCO-protected ethnographic village of the Holocaust is a fine traditional 17th-18th century. an example of Hungarian architecture. In the church village in the northern part of Hungary, 55 authentic Baltic dwelling houses and outbuildings have survived. And on the hill are the ruins of a medieval castle. The Holocaust is also famous for its Easter traditions.

Of course, there are plenty of other places to visit in Hungary but these mentioned above at least will guarantee you a pleasant visit. Budapest tour guides recommend these places which conclude that it is great.

In the end

You may think that visiting Budapest and looking for packed places with tourists will bring you more joy. But the truth is that Budapest tour guides will certainly show you better places to visit and they will allow you to feel the local spirit. Feel free to check out and find the best fitting companion for your visit to Budapest.

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