How to Set up a Courier Company in Dubai?

Courier service company in Dubai

A courier service company is one of the leading services in Dubai. It is so good and essential because everyone prefers to get the products delivered to the house safe and fast. Burning your fuel and time is bothersome when you get the product to your doorstep. Dubai people are busy enthusiasts, they have no time to spare when it comes to an alternative for courier service. So they prefer courier services to help them with accessing the products.

A courier firm helps us deliver messages, goods, and Mails. It is used all around the world for its speed, security, tracking service, and for its excellent expertise. It provides a speedier and more secure alternative to the traditional postal delivery service, which had been the sole option for so long.

Traditional mail services are noted for having long delivery times and incurring costs if things are bulky or heavy; courier seems ideal. While slightly more expensive than standard postage, they are helpful for specific deliveries. With the advent of online purchasing, courier services grew in popularity.

To be able to order large and multiple items from online sellers, people need special delivery services. These services would allow customers to receive their items and enable online sellers to offer services like next-day delivery. So, they can only be done with the help of a courier service.

Types of Courier services 

You can open a business in Dubai in various niches for courier service. It will be good for you if you apply multiple types of courier services instead of one. It helps you earn more profit.

  • Firstly you can start servicing a Courier service like as in same-day local and UAE wide deliveries
  • Then you can also try doing next day deliveries type of courier service
  • One of the essential types of courier service is international deliveries for a global Courier network
  • Next, you can do weekend and night deliveries
  • Another type of Courier service is the pallet service and bulky parcel delivery
  • You can also try delivering particular types of items like motorcycles, pianos, medical items, pets, and antiques

Step by step guide on starting a Courier service company in Dubai 

  • You must have a business registration and licensing Dubai to start working efficiently without any troubles in Dubai
  • The owner of the company must ensure that the commercial license and the trade activity registration is with them from the concerned authority
  • It takes almost 20 working days for the Emirates post group to issue your company license
  • To proceed; further, you should ensure that you have all the relevant documents with you. After getting your hands on all the relevant documents, you can go up to the Emirates post group and fill in the online application form.
  • Another advantage of starting a Courier service company in Dubai is that the owner can be of any nationality
  • The cost for the license is AED 100, 000
  • You don’t have to go conventional ways to get access to the license. You can apply for the permit online through the Emirates post group portal

Cost of the delivery license in Dubai

The cost for the delivery license depends on various factors, but the approximate cost is AED 6,000 to AED 7,000, excluding the sponsorship and other costs.

What are the main requirements for starting a delivery service company in Dubai?

What are the main requirements for starting a delivery service company in Dubai?

  • You need trained drivers for speedy and safe delivery services
  • Customers love it when you operate 24/7, especially for customer service support
  • It is beneficial for both you and the customer to set up a cost-effective delivery platform
  • Also, you need to have a smartphone fleet and a live order tracking device

What are the documents you need to start a Courier service in Dubai?

There are important documents you shouldn’t miss when you’re planning to start a Courier service company in Dubai. The significant documents are given below:-

  • Firstly, you need a passport copy of the owner and their respective shareholders
  • Next, you need a document of the local family book
  • You should have a copy of your initial approval
  • You should submit a copy of the lease contract 
  • If you have a copy of the established form, then you ought to submit it
  • The one thing you can’t miss is the copy of your commercial license
  • You also need to submit a trading register certificate
  • The following document you need is a copy of the name reservation

 Who are your potential customers in Dubai?

When starting a company in Dubai, you must know and act upon the business according to your customers. The list of the potential customers for a courier service company is given below.

 Online shopping stores

All of the Courier services in the UAE are connected with online stores. People running online shops use these courier services and prefer to work with local delivery services to deliver items swiftly to customers.

 Cafes and restaurants 

Also, Cafes and restaurant owners use courier services to deliver food products to the customers. Third-party delivery services also help them with delivery.

 Flower shop owners

Flower shop owners are also potential customers for courier service companies in Dubai. The owners of such shops want a reliable company to provide them with speedy courier services to deliver the flower fresh. We have a decent amount of online stores that offer fresh flowers to customers, and they use such speedy services to stay loyal to customers.


The majority of businesses in the UAE require Couriers to deliver various documents. There is also a service known as “ Courier rental.” It means that employees can do more than just transport documents. They can even wait in line at the tax office and give over or pick up documents.

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