Top 4 E-Commerce Features That Benefit Real Estate Industries

Four eCommerce Features Beneficial For The Real Estate Industry:

The importance of a digital presence in today’s world cannot be overemphasized. Every business thrives on generating online engagements. A robust digital presence can help you achieve the online engagements your real estate business needs. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, real estate companies and homebuyers took vital measures to facilitate individual transactions in the industry. These measures include centralized cash management to focus on efficiency and change how cash expenditure and portfolios were made. Several real estate business owners also found ways to provide a better customer experience by adopting several practical eCommerce features.

Today, the real estate industry has joined other industries in adopting these eCommerce features in their business models. ECommerce in the real estate business provides several benefits including more visibility, reaching the target audience, improving the ease of showcasing properties, marketing the company’s brand, etc. However, finding the best eCommerce features to apply to the Real Estate business can be challenging.

Digital Ads and Projects Managed through CRM

Selling properties in real estate is a challenging task because of numerous factors. You need to consider several aspects before making a sale. Real estate businesses have to manage campaigns, clients, prospects, and properties. Doing all these mentioned tasks requires abundant hard work, including presentations, manual paperwork, client nurturing, bookings, etc. However, you can effectively manage all these entities using a CRM platform.

Implementing intelligent real estate CRM software will make organizing and managing your digital campaign and projects easier. For example, using the features of a reliable CRM for real estate significantly improves potential leads. It can also help you track key performance indicators and your customers’ journey on your ad, the number of clicks you get, the time each client spent on your website, etc.

Virtual Interactions with Interested Homebuyers

Running all forms of advertisements like every other business is one of the most popular importance of eCommerce in Real Estate. And virtual interactions with interested home buyers are among the best forms of advertisement a real estate business can employ.

During the virtual interaction, you can give interested buyers virtual tours of the property they are interested in. This will help in convincing them further to take potential action in investing in the project. Virtual interactions let potential clients have a better riveting feel of the properties. Live site visits, 3D tours, video conferencing, and slide shares can be used to engage and convince interested clients. Through virtual interactions, potential clients can also select apartments of choice, and view floor plans, pricing, and other information in real-time.

Digital Inventory Management for Channel Partners

Digital tools can help you run digital walkthroughs of properties with clients without facing any issues. Using this, you can save time and cost in physically bringing them to the properties. Apart from this, you can also conduct digital meetings with the proper digital tools. You can keep your partners and clients up-to-date with properties available for sale & how to schedule a physical tour, if necessary.

With digital tools, you’ll be able to track your real estate inventories in real-time and quickly analyze inventories. You will also be able to scan through inventory intake seamlessly. Another significant importance of digital tools is online inventory management and slotting.

Online KYC Verification alongside Digital Payments

This is one of the core steps in defining the relationship between customers and real estate business owners. Online KYC verification helps make onboarding easier for customers. Online documents for every client can be maintained appropriately using real estate CRM software. The software has data analytics capabilities that collate data from several communication channels such as email addresses, social media platforms, telephone numbers, etc. Real estate businesses use this information to better understand their customers and maintain cordial relationships with them.

Using a real estate CRM solution plays a crucial role in preventing identity fraud through robust KYC verification. It helps in the seamless integration and gateway for payment and tracking features. This means that there will be no third party involved in the stage of payment checkouts, making the digital payments procedure safer. Click here to learn more about enhancing the real estate customer experience through online payments in CRM.

Final Thoughts

Ecommerce features in the real estate business are becoming quite beneficial for many reasons. And a CRM with eCommerce features can be an advantage for digitally managing the Real Estate industry. And Sell. Do, a reliable end-to-end real estate eCommerce solution, is the best CRM for handling all real estate e-commerce facilities. Sell. Do has helped numerous successful real estate businesses implement CRM features and effectively manage their eCommerce facilities.

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