Why You Should Have A Single Keyword Ad Groups Structure For Your PPC Ad Campaigns

Be it the Google Ads or Amazon Ads, to run a successful PPC ad campaign a successful optimization is strongly needed. What is more essential in this chapter is the use of a single keyword ad group structure. It is a proven strategy of a successful ad campaign, highly recommended by the PPC experts.

A single keyword ad group is created based on a single keyword. Trust us, this matters a lot and is hence considered as one effective part of PPC marketing strategy. Guys, if you are reaching out to the PPC management services in Delhi or Noida, or any other states, make sure you speak about this.

Whether you plan to run a shopping ad on Google Ads, or a normal search ad to promote your brand, this particular ad structure never fails to define success. In most cases, the ad groups are categorized under products, services, and other business classifications. No matter how many campaigns you create, each campaign may have one or many ad groups.

The reasons behind setting up a single keyword ad group structure for your PPC ad campaign are plenty. Let us talk about them in detail.

5 Reasons why you need a single keyword ad groups structure for your PPC ad campaign–

1. Optimize performance of different keywords separately:

With each keyword ad group structure, you get the chance to optimize all your keywords separately. This will help you to work on every point that you may skip otherwise. Even if two keywords have a strong correlation, for example, winter working gloves and work gloves, you will witness a different set of results in different cases.

When you craft a separate structure for your ad groups with different keywords, you can take full advantage of all your keywords. You don’t have to think separately for them. You can easily get an insight into the performance of each keyword while running the campaign separately.

2. Improve Ad relevancy:

Next comes ad relevancy. If you create a separate ad group for your keywords, you get the leverage to improve your ad relevancy. To grab the attention of the audience, build conversions, and generate more clicks, improving the relevancy of the ad is very important. This is possible when you are structuring the campaign properly.

With SKAG structure, you can craft your ad campaign with a perfect note. You get the freedom to optimize your ad campaign based on proper keywords and eventually contribute a lot to high CTRs. The better the individual ad group structure, the higher the ad relevancy. This triggers more conversions without any second thought.

3. Include Ad Extensions for each keyword:

We all know, in PPC marketing, ad extensions have a separate fan base. They are external support of a PPC ad campaign that builds more conversions and generate more leads. A few popular and widely used ad extensions are call extensions, location extensions, site link extensions, callout extensions, and so on.

When you create different ad groups, it is natural that you will put more effort to include different extensions to your ad. Such extensions change the entire game and make the campaign more successful than ever before.

4. Quality Reporting:

To optimize the PPC ad campaign performance, what you need the most in the report. If you have an extensive report on the campaign, you can easily judge the performance based on certain metrics like CTR, impressions, CPC, etc. Now, many of you may find this complicated, as you have multiple ad groups for a single ad campaign. But trust us, this is extremely easy to perform reporting for SKAGs.

Since here you need to pay attention to only one keyword for a single ad group, there requires no extra effort. Simply use labels to design the reports for each keyword. This will make it easier to identify all your reports separately.

5. High-quality score:

No matter which platform you choose to run your PPC ad campaign, if you are creating more than one ad group separately for each keyword, you can enjoy a high-quality score in the end.

For attaining high CTRs and to frame a good quality score, concentrating on SKAG structure will be nothing wrong. In fact, we would suggest having an optimized PPC ad campaign by categorizing different ad groups with the individual keyword.


Developing an ad group for each keyword is thus necessary to turn the campaign into a successful one. You can create this structure manually for every large or small ad accounts for business. However, it is difficult when it comes to large ad accounts containing thousands of keywords. In such cases, automated tools or software make the best fit for creating such structures.

Don’t know about the tools you can use for your ad group structure construction? Reach out to the PPC experts available in a digital marketing agency and get their guidance.

Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma
Me (Amit Sharma)is an all-time professional Writer and very honest sincere and up-front blogger. In general, I try to blog up-front and honest, without being argumentative or confrontive.





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